Mar 24, 2015

The big TWO SEVEN.

Can you say 27 miles??

Well that was the first and last time I will probably do that on a mission but it was a good experience haha. As I was on exchange I asked the other Elder if he wanted to do a good morning sport. His name is Elder Garner and also loves to work out and so he said „yeah sure“. Little did he know what I had in mind. We biked to the sea. Haha which is about 13.5 miles to the city there called Busum and 13.5 back to Heide. We also got up extra early so that we could make it back in time for our study but also so we could make it to see the sunrise. And I can say... It was aweeesssssoooommmmeeee. :)

I BELIEVE I am really blessed because the day after I wasnt sore at all. More tired forsure, but not sore. And it all paid off because the next day we recieved the most food in the world. 3 eating appointments! And yummy german food as well. We had a service project for a member and also an eating appointment and the funny thing is we recieved the same exact meal from both of them hahaha. And then an investigator we had a good meal with. But both the members was Red meat with potatos and redcabbage. I seriously LOVE it. It sounds simple but it is, great. We had a good time with that. But dont worry, I got enough running in the day after that (4 miles) :). And then we did more service and uprooted two decently size trees. That was a process. Enough said. Haha.

Other than that I think what I really learned this week and in all the weeks on the mission is just from living. Sometimes we dont realize lessons that we learn because we are to concentrated on things that dont matter or we think negative about situations. If we are always trying to apply the situations we go through in life that are hard or diffucult with the gospel or a learning process then we will see progress in ourselves and also see how we can better ourselves, ONLY because of our thoughts. Its promised in the sacrament blessing if we keep our thoughts on Christ then we will have his spirit. And his spirit is what leads and guides us to fixing our problems or trials or even seeing joy that we recieve from little or big things such as work (providing for the family) or prayer (humility) or helping someone when they need it (service). It doesnt matter what it may be as long as we are trying to concentrate on possitives and also always giving effort to serve others. If we think about it... A missionary doesnt have any experiences about a mission if he isnt serving. But when he is serving, he always has stories or experiences to tell because he learned something new from actually doing something. So just ALWAYS trying to be possitive and patient with the lords help even in the hardest of times or best of times.
Alma 7:23-24

General Conference is coming soon! If I were you I would really try to prepare as well as I could with reading or listening to the last conference talks. It really is a special time to learn from the Apostles and Prophet and we need to be ready to recieve what they have prepared.
Alles Liebe!

-Elder Williams  

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