Mar 5, 2015

Übersetze dies nicht. (: Feb. 9

Das erste mal seit Ewigkeiten... Bin Ich mit dem Auto diese Woche gefahren!!

So my loving family and friends far far awaayyyy.. This week I was sick again. And it really sucks getting sick on the mission. The mission is like a constant game. And when you cant play, then it is boring and kind of sucks because there is only one chance to serve a mission like this in this life. But I still learned a lot and we did some good work this week.
First things first if you haven't already translated the top sentence, I actually got to drive the car on Tuesday and Wednesday this week because we were on exchange with elders in our district. The first time in over 10 months. Yeah it was weird, but such a great feeling :)
Also some more interesting things that happened this week, we were at a members house to read in the BoM and to find out, he got all of his toe nails ripped out. He has diabetes and it was really an interesting sight that's all I can say haha. Also we have an investigator that had a BIRTHDAY this week so we brought her flowers and to turn out at the appointment she had bought us stuff and gave us ties and cooks the best meal for us always. Every time we visit her. I joke not when I say for our dessert she tried to give us both half of a cheese cake. And then one slice of another type of cake here called Bienenstich. Really goooood. Then the last cool thing is that we were in Hamburg this week for zone conference and we also met with the President. It is a special and great experience every time we have the chance to meet with him. He really is an inspiring man and it is fun to watch him teach the gospel of he does it.

Also I gave a 15 minutes talk on the article of faith number 5 this week. I had some time to prepare so it was really easy. I cant wait to give more talks at home when I can actually use the computer to make the talk. Missionaries have two things on the mission... Scriptures, and the spirit haha. But its okay because in the end that's really all we need.

I would say it was a good week though overall. I did learn a lot and the week went by really fast because of exchange and being in Hamburg. Sorry this letter wasn't the most “spiritual”. Haha You can read the scriptures if that's

what you are looking for. You will FORSURE find it there. :)

Schöne Woche noch wünsche Ich euch!!

Love Elder Williams  

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