Apr 27, 2015

Its goin' good

Das leben eines Missionars..

   Well today we can officially say that we are "in  the digital age" of missionary work. We had our conference in Berlin on Friday and I can say it really is the most well formed and genius idea to this work. Its really so much more than it sounds. Its such a great way to prepare us for the future and being able to share the gospel better though the internet which is now used daily by so many people. It is really one of the best "tools" we can use to share the gospel with others. But that's the thing.... Its only a tool. Its like a screw driver. If we don't use the screw driver to its best use then it wont work trying to pound a nail in some wood. President Spencer W. Kimball said in 1974 "I believe that the Lord is anxious to put into OUR hands inventions of which we laymen have hardly had a glimpse."  The Lord has given us these tools for this purpose to spread the gospel throughout the world. It will be a way to fulfill the promise that the gospel will get to every language, gender, and land. So I invite you as well to use this tool to showing others what kind of happiness the gospel brings to you and your life. :)

   I read in Alma chapter 49 for study once this week. It really is a good way of learning repentance and what it can do for us. The Nephites had been destroyed before from the Lamanites and they KNEW what they needed to do to become strong again from the help of LEADERS and the LORD. With their help they built a massive wall and prepared themselves for the next visit and attack from these men. And just like the Lamanites coming back to the Nephites, Satan will always come back to us. But we can fix our weaknesses like the Nephites did. When we do that and use our tools we can build walls that cant be taken down. We can become strong through the Lord and from his gospel. And even if satan trys to tempt us or lead us astray we are to prepared that he cant. Not ONE of the Nephites died in the battle. And in verse 30 it shows us what happens when we do build our own walls up to overcome all that we go through. And also with the Lamanites in Alma 23&24 that end up burying their weapons. WE need to bury our weapons and problems we have and not come back to them. We don't know what our future can bring for ourselves and others just from giving up something that keeps us away from the gospel. These Lamanites that were a blood thirsty and horrible people ended up being the army of Helaman the 2000 stripling warriors just because they buried that one thing that held them back from the truth. Our weapons can be buried. We can become better changing our lives and others lives. :)

   Other than that we have had some amazing miracles in Spandau. We are teaching two great people that are really making great progress. Its not a better feeling and cooler way to see people progress, than through the gospel. Its for EVERYONE. Doesn't matter how far we think we are away. Doesn't matter how strong our faith is. Its a never ending way of progression. Its slow, but SURE. And I know its true.

  Thanks for all you do for me! I am grateful for all the help I receive from you. Have a wonderful week. :)

Liebe Grüße
Elder Williams  

Apr 20, 2015

Where Usain Bolt Broke the World Record....


This week has been a great week so far. We have been finding a lot of new investigators and of course it brings a lot more confidence and trust when it happens. Its really not a better feeling when you talk to someone about the gospel and they except it saying they would like to hear more. And its because we know that its true and how much it will bless their lives. But we had a day where literally it was almost impossible to find a new person to teach, because we had a lot going on already and no time set out for finding. And we were in the bus on the way back to the apartment and we just decided to talk to this lady that had a two year old kid. In the bus we didnt have time to bring the gospel into it, but she ended up getting out at the same stop as us. :) And we kept talking to her about the family and eventually said she would love for us to come by. So its little miracles that show me this is not our work at all, its the Lords and he knows how to do it. He's a pro in this work. Even more of a pro than Michael Jordan was at basketball. ;)
This week I also found a really cool scripture about prayer. Its in Alma 37:37 & Alma 34:39. Prayer is probably one of the most important aspects and actions of the gospel. Its the way we can really get a personal connection and relationship with God. Yeah, maybe sometimes it feels like we arent getting a lot out of it, but we just need to keep doing it because we dont know always what kind of blessings we are receiving. Sometimes so that we can with stand temptation. Sometimes we receive blessings for the future. It is just important to know though that a morning and night prayer with real intent and humility in kneeling down is going give us the strength we need to make it through any trials or problems or times of need. The power behind prayer is real. And as you start to get into a habit of doing this, you will see a difference in your life only for the better.
 Elder Williams and I elder Williams taught the 1st lesson to a great investigator again on exchange because he needed to understand it a little better. After we taught it, he was so excited because it just made sense to him. He understands the power of the Priesthood and the importance of prophets now. It will help everything go sooo much better with him in the rest of what we teach. He agreed to wanting to be baptized on the 9th of may. We are going to do all we can to help him achieve that.
Anyway I am sorry I dont have the most to say this week. Just know that we are teaching a few really good people right now and that they are making a ton of progress. Its cool to see how the Lord works through us (as members) to touch the lives of his children and to bring them back unto him.

Have a swell week. :)

Liebe Grüße
Elder Williams

Apr 13, 2015

I Have Arrived!

I arrived here in Berlin!
    So it is awesome being here. There are tons of people here in Spandau and a lot is going on with our program. All of the members are great and ready for the work. I am grateful for the gospel. It never changes no matter where we go in the world. Just because its a different language, culture, or area doesn't mean that the doctrine of Christ is. haha. So I am just grateful to be here and have the opportunity to talk with as many people as I can here about the gospel.
    My new companion is Elder Morton. We really do get along great. We are on the same page and just ready to do the work. Its once in a lifetime and it really is worth giving all we have. We just motivate each other and its soooo cool. Its also way nice because he is pretty much a professional runner. haha. He will be running the 5k and 10k at BYU. And BYU doesn't give out tons of scholarships for running, and when they do, its not much at all. But he received 3/4 tuition scholarship. He is unbelievable with running. So our morning sport is half decent. ;)
     As far as the work goes, we are teaching two solid investigators in the moment. The rest of them we just need to come into contact with. For some reason the transfer kind of broke that off. I don't know how. But we will do our best to set up appointments with them this week.
     I really learned this week though how important it is to just follow the gospel and the do what the Lord asks of us. Its not always easy because we don't know what we are getting out of it, but really it is something that will bless us in the end. Also what really helps us to be able to see and the feel this love from Heavenly Father comes from bearing testimony. Through our testimony we can see our own witness of the truth. And through that, it is a really really great opportunity to feel the spirit and even strengthen our own testimonies. I experienced that this week just from giving a testimony to my companion during district meeting during a role play. And even though its so simple, when we are true and honest in saying what we believe and know to be true, the spirit has the capability in that moment to work in us with great power. So try it sometime with family members or in sacrament meeting. Just bear your testimony as often as you can and it will strengthen you.
     Also don't forget, the prophet and apostles take at least 14 drafts on preparing for their talks. I think its worth it for the time they take for us to take our time in listening to them a few more times after it is over. Its like watching a movie that you really enjoy. You then will watch it again and again and after two or three times you really start to understand it better, to KNOW it, and enjoy it more. Why should that be different with the words that we receive from apostles and our prophet? :) I know it will bring you more joy that your movies that you can go to whenever you want anyway. :)
     I hope you all have a great week. I miss you all so much, but I am so grateful to be sharing such a wonderful message with others who don't have it in their lives. Keep up the good work!
Pictures from Berlin. The wall mainly we went to today.
Love, Elder Brendon Williams :)

Apr 6, 2015

every day, every day, every day

Best Conference.
First of all.. I don't think that a missionary can be excited about any other thing more than general conference weekend. I literally learned soooo much and loved it all. I would say the most inspiring and talks I enjoyed were from Elder Bednar, Holland, and Pearson. Of course all of them were good but when we follow the words of these three talks we cant but help having a safe and joyful life.
And the most awesome part about this entire conference is we have the ability now to share what we learned. You know anybody that is scared or complains about what's going on in the world? Bednar will clear that up telling you how you can overcome that FEAR and receive joy instead. Holland teaches for those who are alone or even think they can do it on their own, that they cant do it without the help of our brothers hands. He will pull us up as the sand slips through our hands hopelessly (his climbing example). And Pearson teaches us how we can start NOW. “Every day, every day, every day.” Reading and studying in the Book Of Mormon. When we apply these things in our life what these brothers teach us it wont only help us, but also the lives of others because we will want to share this what makes us happy. :)

Except for my love for conference I think this last week was soooo awesome. I have a miracle story...
We were on our way back from Kiel in the car from our meeting on Tuesday. And we had the thought come into our mind that we NEEDED to do our language study playing basketball so that we can try to talk in German and concentrate while doing something strenuous. It is also school break and not a lot of kids play basketball in Germany at all haha. But lone and behold there was a man and his son there playing and so we asked if we could play along. By the end we got the boys number. He is about 18 years old and we played a few times after that this last week. We got to tell him on a friend to friend level more about the church and he had a lot of questions. I don't know where it will go from here, but I do KNOW we were lead to him through the spirit. And its no coincidence that we thought to go play basketball on a basketball hoop where NOBDODY ever plays haha. The Lord really does lead us when we just open our eyes and are open for the promptings of the Spirit.
Other than that, I want to let you all know I am now going to Berlin now. I am leaving Heide. It will be hard because the people are soooo great here. But I am excited to go work for the Lord in a city of 4 million people. :)
I love you all and hope you really did enjoy conference. Stay strong and thanks so much for the support always!

Love Elder Williams :)

SICK week... literally though...March 30th

My companion got really sick. #thatsLife I think we only really had about 3 days to really do missionary work last week and it went oookay. We met with an investigator that is from Poland and she makes us like the best food every single time.(maybe elder Culley got sick from that haha) But she is one of the sweetest ladies I have ever met. She is Catholic but loves meeting with us and loves the missionarys in general. She loves Christ and is really a strong believer. Its just so cool to see how others live their faith and also to hear. Because most words dont match up with actions when it comes to ANY faith in the world. So that has been a big testimony lately how important it is to live and do what we KNOW is right and what we say is right. Our impression is most of the time what sets us apart from others and their faith. Just like Christ said “they are near to me with their words, but distant from me in their actions.” BEEEE HAPPPPYYYYY. :) Or atleast try to be hahaha.
Something I learned this week from my personal study was the attribute TRUST. What does is actually mean to TRUST in the Lord? What does is mean to trust in the words of prophets or in the BoM or in prayer or in anything with the gospel? We find this everywhere in the scriptures but it doesnt actually say the word as much as it shows it by example. I read a great example this week and thats chapter 17 in Alma. I thought of how many times or things could have gone wrong in Ammons situation. And how many times he could have just given up. But it talks about what helped him get through his situations. He Prayed and Fasted ALOT. For specific reasons. I know that we can do that same thing. The miraculous part of this story is he was told to be patient in suffering yet he should still trust the Lord. AHHH just read for yourself its sweet. :) But it comes back to the question always, how should I trust the Lord to strengthen me through my problems? If you just do it without doubting and with a purpose, the Lord will NEVER let you down when you let your words and thoughts be your actions..
I know conference is coming up. I know maybe everyone may have a question that they would like answered. I challenge you all to follow ammons example by using your faith to do actions. And when you do that, you will feel this growth and trust in the Lord because he wont leave you alone. I am so excited for Conference and I hope you are too!
-Elder Williams