Apr 13, 2015

I Have Arrived!

I arrived here in Berlin!
    So it is awesome being here. There are tons of people here in Spandau and a lot is going on with our program. All of the members are great and ready for the work. I am grateful for the gospel. It never changes no matter where we go in the world. Just because its a different language, culture, or area doesn't mean that the doctrine of Christ is. haha. So I am just grateful to be here and have the opportunity to talk with as many people as I can here about the gospel.
    My new companion is Elder Morton. We really do get along great. We are on the same page and just ready to do the work. Its once in a lifetime and it really is worth giving all we have. We just motivate each other and its soooo cool. Its also way nice because he is pretty much a professional runner. haha. He will be running the 5k and 10k at BYU. And BYU doesn't give out tons of scholarships for running, and when they do, its not much at all. But he received 3/4 tuition scholarship. He is unbelievable with running. So our morning sport is half decent. ;)
     As far as the work goes, we are teaching two solid investigators in the moment. The rest of them we just need to come into contact with. For some reason the transfer kind of broke that off. I don't know how. But we will do our best to set up appointments with them this week.
     I really learned this week though how important it is to just follow the gospel and the do what the Lord asks of us. Its not always easy because we don't know what we are getting out of it, but really it is something that will bless us in the end. Also what really helps us to be able to see and the feel this love from Heavenly Father comes from bearing testimony. Through our testimony we can see our own witness of the truth. And through that, it is a really really great opportunity to feel the spirit and even strengthen our own testimonies. I experienced that this week just from giving a testimony to my companion during district meeting during a role play. And even though its so simple, when we are true and honest in saying what we believe and know to be true, the spirit has the capability in that moment to work in us with great power. So try it sometime with family members or in sacrament meeting. Just bear your testimony as often as you can and it will strengthen you.
     Also don't forget, the prophet and apostles take at least 14 drafts on preparing for their talks. I think its worth it for the time they take for us to take our time in listening to them a few more times after it is over. Its like watching a movie that you really enjoy. You then will watch it again and again and after two or three times you really start to understand it better, to KNOW it, and enjoy it more. Why should that be different with the words that we receive from apostles and our prophet? :) I know it will bring you more joy that your movies that you can go to whenever you want anyway. :)
     I hope you all have a great week. I miss you all so much, but I am so grateful to be sharing such a wonderful message with others who don't have it in their lives. Keep up the good work!
Pictures from Berlin. The wall mainly we went to today.
Love, Elder Brendon Williams :)

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