Apr 27, 2015

Its goin' good

Das leben eines Missionars..

   Well today we can officially say that we are "in  the digital age" of missionary work. We had our conference in Berlin on Friday and I can say it really is the most well formed and genius idea to this work. Its really so much more than it sounds. Its such a great way to prepare us for the future and being able to share the gospel better though the internet which is now used daily by so many people. It is really one of the best "tools" we can use to share the gospel with others. But that's the thing.... Its only a tool. Its like a screw driver. If we don't use the screw driver to its best use then it wont work trying to pound a nail in some wood. President Spencer W. Kimball said in 1974 "I believe that the Lord is anxious to put into OUR hands inventions of which we laymen have hardly had a glimpse."  The Lord has given us these tools for this purpose to spread the gospel throughout the world. It will be a way to fulfill the promise that the gospel will get to every language, gender, and land. So I invite you as well to use this tool to showing others what kind of happiness the gospel brings to you and your life. :)

   I read in Alma chapter 49 for study once this week. It really is a good way of learning repentance and what it can do for us. The Nephites had been destroyed before from the Lamanites and they KNEW what they needed to do to become strong again from the help of LEADERS and the LORD. With their help they built a massive wall and prepared themselves for the next visit and attack from these men. And just like the Lamanites coming back to the Nephites, Satan will always come back to us. But we can fix our weaknesses like the Nephites did. When we do that and use our tools we can build walls that cant be taken down. We can become strong through the Lord and from his gospel. And even if satan trys to tempt us or lead us astray we are to prepared that he cant. Not ONE of the Nephites died in the battle. And in verse 30 it shows us what happens when we do build our own walls up to overcome all that we go through. And also with the Lamanites in Alma 23&24 that end up burying their weapons. WE need to bury our weapons and problems we have and not come back to them. We don't know what our future can bring for ourselves and others just from giving up something that keeps us away from the gospel. These Lamanites that were a blood thirsty and horrible people ended up being the army of Helaman the 2000 stripling warriors just because they buried that one thing that held them back from the truth. Our weapons can be buried. We can become better changing our lives and others lives. :)

   Other than that we have had some amazing miracles in Spandau. We are teaching two great people that are really making great progress. Its not a better feeling and cooler way to see people progress, than through the gospel. Its for EVERYONE. Doesn't matter how far we think we are away. Doesn't matter how strong our faith is. Its a never ending way of progression. Its slow, but SURE. And I know its true.

  Thanks for all you do for me! I am grateful for all the help I receive from you. Have a wonderful week. :)

Liebe Grüße
Elder Williams  

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