Apr 6, 2015

SICK week... literally though...March 30th

My companion got really sick. #thatsLife I think we only really had about 3 days to really do missionary work last week and it went oookay. We met with an investigator that is from Poland and she makes us like the best food every single time.(maybe elder Culley got sick from that haha) But she is one of the sweetest ladies I have ever met. She is Catholic but loves meeting with us and loves the missionarys in general. She loves Christ and is really a strong believer. Its just so cool to see how others live their faith and also to hear. Because most words dont match up with actions when it comes to ANY faith in the world. So that has been a big testimony lately how important it is to live and do what we KNOW is right and what we say is right. Our impression is most of the time what sets us apart from others and their faith. Just like Christ said “they are near to me with their words, but distant from me in their actions.” BEEEE HAPPPPYYYYY. :) Or atleast try to be hahaha.
Something I learned this week from my personal study was the attribute TRUST. What does is actually mean to TRUST in the Lord? What does is mean to trust in the words of prophets or in the BoM or in prayer or in anything with the gospel? We find this everywhere in the scriptures but it doesnt actually say the word as much as it shows it by example. I read a great example this week and thats chapter 17 in Alma. I thought of how many times or things could have gone wrong in Ammons situation. And how many times he could have just given up. But it talks about what helped him get through his situations. He Prayed and Fasted ALOT. For specific reasons. I know that we can do that same thing. The miraculous part of this story is he was told to be patient in suffering yet he should still trust the Lord. AHHH just read for yourself its sweet. :) But it comes back to the question always, how should I trust the Lord to strengthen me through my problems? If you just do it without doubting and with a purpose, the Lord will NEVER let you down when you let your words and thoughts be your actions..
I know conference is coming up. I know maybe everyone may have a question that they would like answered. I challenge you all to follow ammons example by using your faith to do actions. And when you do that, you will feel this growth and trust in the Lord because he wont leave you alone. I am so excited for Conference and I hope you are too!
-Elder Williams  

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