May 26, 2015


Liebe familie und freunde,

 So this week was absolutely wonderful. Of course one because we got
the tool of the Lord on Friday and two because we really did see an
amazing miracle happen. This last week I have really been able to see
how powerful the Lord can work with us when we only except him and his
gospel. We have been teaching a man ever since I have been here in
spandau and its been a battle and really hard to communicate because
he had certain oppinions about the gospel and so on and so forth. His
biggest problem was probably the book of mormon. That was really hard
for him to understand and to except. The fact that it was a tool and
proof to the everlasting living gospel of Jesus Christ. He watched the
talk from Jeffery R. Holland safety for the soul. And ever since he
watched that he changed his views on everything about the church. He
was really able to see the power of the book of mormon and what it can
bring to our lives. And also that we have living prophets who help us
understand the importance of the Gospel and how we can apply it better
in our lives. He has agreed to be baptized and is working for the 6th
of J
finally have the ipads to bring the Lords work forward. :)

 Also the sisters in our area just had a baptism and its so cool
because ALL of the missionarys in Berlin try to make it and see it
with their friends of the church as well. And so there was so much
support and just an amazing feeling there at the baptism. Its really
special and such a cool experience to see people find the gospel and
to have it totally make a change in their lives in the way they act
and live their lives. I havent seen someone make such a change in such
a faster time to become so happy as someone who finds out about the
church and gets baptized. It really goes to show what the gospel can
bring us and how much joy this really is just from the FIRST covenant
that we make with God. Think of all the other blessings that come
after baptism. Its soooooo coooool maaaannnnnnnnn.

 Other than that I learned alot this week from the book of mormon and
also from giving the gospel princeples class. I gave the lesson on the
mellinium and I read a cool scripture in 3 nephi 2:1&2. And its
important that we always keep our hearts, feelings, and thoughts on
the gospel of Jesus Christ. Because in all honesty, its the easiest
and I REALLY believe that an 8 year old kid could understand this
gospel and that is why they can be baptized. But the important part is
that we dont ask ourselves questions that make us confused and not
sure. It doesnt bring us any good. We dont learn from that and we
never will. We need to build off of the things that we already know
are true and that are to be found in the scriptures and talked about
with the prophets from the restored gospel. We cant go wrong with it.
Keep it simple and sweet and I promise that our knowledge of the
gospel will come better when we dont try to make the gospel more
complicated than it is.  The mellinium will be there to help us
understand more that we Need to at that point and time. Love you all
have a wonderful week. :)

Liebe Grüße
Elder Williams

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