May 11, 2015

Me again!

I'm sorry.

   I am not going to write a lot this week because and I apologize now. But the work is going forward. Not a ton happened this week. But we are seeing cool small miracles every single day!

   This last week we talked to a guy about the restoration of the gospel. And if we all think about it, that's the main point that really invites the spirit because he confirms the truth of these restored truths! And by the end of this conversation we had with a man he told us that he was starting to get goose bumps. You cant tell me now that the spirit doesn't work through those that open their heart and give an attempt to learn about the gospel. Even just the smallest of attempts can lead to the biggest miracles that bring us so much joy. :) This man took our card and said he was going to watch the small film "because he lives" that the church made for Easter! So that was a great experience.

   Also, I just thought I would touch up on a scripture I read this week in Helaman. Chapter 3 verse 35. And it really is a topic that has helped me more than anything. I don't think we realize as members sometimes how much we NEED a spiritual boost and also nourishing our spirit. Just like we need to eat and nourish our bodies every single day, we need to nourish our spirituality. Its the only way really that we can be spiritually fit for decisions and overcoming trials we have. 

   Other than that, happy mothers day to all of the mothers out there! You are all so amazing! Love you though mom you are the best mom in the world!

Liebe Grüße,
Elder Williams

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