May 4, 2015


 So this week was pretty much great. We had a lot going on with our friends of the church. :) It really is such a cool thing seeing the transformation of the lives of others. The gospel really brings such a lasting joy. I have tried to think of things that bring me joy and its all things of the world. Things that will pass on eventually in our lives. And the only thing that will ever be able to be with us is our family and the gospel. Those two joys together really do have an effect on us when we tie them together. And that is  what happens for people who get to know the church, or who haven't gone in awhile. We are forgetful. We are un perfect. But you know what? The gospel is perfect. And when we continually study and apply, we will also start to become more perfect through Christ, and see this change in ourselves that only comes through this gospel. And I am just grateful to see these wonderful people make small short progress. Its all up to us though and how we use our agency to progress.

     OHHHH man don't even get me on the subject of AGENCY. :) Elder Bednar is a beast when it comes to agency and I have learned so much from him and heard stories from general authorities about him. Something he said once that is kind of harsh, but true. A man asked "with my agency I am aloud to miss church meetings, drink, party, and do whatever I want then right?" Elder Bednar replied, "Have you been baptized? (ya) Do you have the Priesthood? (ya) Have you been through the temple? (ya) .... Okay then you are telling me that is using your agency? That to me sounds just like a covenant breaker." Sometimes it takes a harsh answer to realize how important it is to see what we promise god. He then said "You already used your moral agency to make those decisions and taking those steps in your life." And I believe that is so true. We really need to see we have used our agency to make a promise to God. Maybe the blessings don't look as big as we would like at times. But we can always look back on ourselves and ask "have I done ALL I could to follow the Lords footsteps?" And at the end of the day I promise you that there is always something we can do to better ourselves with the agency we have to give back to our Heavenly Father and all he has given us already. We have to realize we aren't perfect. We need time to grow. Especially our faith. I wrote one day in my study journal a definition of faith and it says, "Something that is built up overtime from personal desires and wishes with hard work to become something we didn't know we could be. It is a never ending process of, slowly but surly." I know this may not interest you at all, but that's okay. haha I thought it was interesting so I thought I would share. :)

 Anywho, other than that.... We SHOULD be getting ipads this week. (probably means by Christmas) We will see right?? ;) Have a great week love yall!

Elder Williams

    Sent from my ipad ;) (jk)

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