May 18, 2015

To You.


   Hello errybodyyy. Well this last week did go well. We got transfer calls and Elder Morton will be staying haha. So I will have my 8th companion going into my 10th transfer. Only the second time that I have got to stay with someone more than 42 days haha. But it will be good because Elder Morton and I have been working well together.

   This last week was really good. We are still working hard on about 4 solid friends of the church. They are really all so awesome. One of them has been coming the last 5 weeks in a row and is really making progress even though he falls with questions that he has sometimes. But everyone that we are teaching Elder Morton and I found them in this last transfer. And unfortunately, none of them are German except one hahaha. But they all speak German or English. Two are from Africa and one is from Serbia. Everything is going forward but it just takes a lot of patience because it comes with time and we all know that. Nobody can just know the gospel in one sitting. It takes a lot of study and effort to understand and see what comes out of the gospel.
The sisters here in Spandau with us will be having a baptism this week. And it is so nice for everyone to see a baptism because it brings a very special spirit along. 

  Anyway with me, the week went by really fast and there hasnt been anything so different going on. One cool thing that happened though is we had a "mexican night" in the church building to learn more about mexico and the culture. We had tons of investigators there and it was so cool for them to feel welcomed by the members and honestly most of converts do end up coming to the church, when they come to activities! So invite people to activities because its an atmosphere that really seems to show people how great the church is. :)

  Other than that I gave a talk on "how can I recognize the spirit more often in my life?" yesterday. And it was really interesting planning for it. I kind of just got up there and talked and changed the talk as I went, but it turned out going pretty well haha. The main points I focused on is having a DISIRE. Then to be DILIGENT. Then to be TEACHABLE. When we have the disire to have the spirit by us, and we ask ourselves everyday "how do I want to be lead by the spirit today?" it will change us to be more diligent. Not only to seek the spirit out, but to work to have the spirit by us more often when we read in the scriptures, pray, and follow the commandments. The last point is to be teachable. We have to have an open heart. No matter what the spirit tells us to do, or to say we have to be ready to follow him and to change ourselves. So try that this week. SEEK and you will find his love and help more often in your daily life. "Seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be open unto you." Its a promise in the scriptures and its a love that you wont ever feel anywhere else. Heavenly Father wants us to feel his love. So go for it and take his promise that he is laying right in front of you from the moment you wake up every morning. :) I love you all have a good week. 

Liebe Grüße
Elder Williams

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