Jun 15, 2015


okayyyyy. This week was super hectic. We have been working so much with the ward here. Normally it is not like this. But we have been working so hard to go on splits with the home teachers to do less active work and also go by on investigators when we have time to do it. It really has been so successful and I just want to make clear how much better the work goes when it is supported by the members. I have never been so busy and also have I never been so excited nor seen the members so excited for the work haha. So its just good to work together because it brings a really awesome spirit in and helps us to come together.

  Something pretty cool about this last week is I found something that I haven't even seen once on my entire mission so far. Reeces chocolate and Code Red mountain dew. I cant explain how happy I am. And even on the same day we found Top Ramen. I seriously cant tell you how many elders have their parents send them these items in the mail because its not here to be found in germany. haha. So that was really a cool experience. Its about the only thing that even compares to german sweets and chocolate. Plus I love Reeces so much so it beats everything. Yeah good. Back to the work elder....

    I just want to share a small spiritual thought because I dont have a ton to share for this past week. I was reading in Mormon in the Book of Mormon. And I couldnt believe what Mormon had on his plate for things to do. He literally gave his life to the Lord. We hear that he did do the translation and make the engravings into the Book of Mormon. But do we realize what he was going through as he was getting all of these engravings put together? He was a leader of his army and he didnt just have time to sit around all day and put these plates together AND write about the dealings of his people. He didnt just want to either. I cant imagine it would be easy for anyone to have that much trust in their hands or even the stress that goes into it. The example I want to make this into, is scripture study. Do we take time out of our day to JUST study in the scriptures when its a commandment of god? Does work, school, friends, or anything that distracts us make it easy to not read in the scriptures? I promise you that the commandment that Mormon had in fulfilling the writings of these people and to be the leader of this people is JUST as important as the commandment for us today to read in the scriptures everyday. And you wont know why until you do it. Heavenly Father isnt just going to give us something that isnt going to work. God didnt just have these men go through all these trials and experiences for nothing, to not have it be seen and even hidden behind covers on our shelves. I invite you to make a reading plan, and to start reading the Book of Mormon. You wont find more peace come into your life, than when you apply the teachings in the Book to yourself. Start maybe from Alma to the end and then read nephi to Alma. I know we always start from Nephi but it doesnt have to be. Just pick a place and make sure you do a lap through the BOM. The important thing is that we just read in it and grow a love for the teachings as we follow them. I love you all have a great week. Im sorry it wasnt so much!

 I know the Gospel is true and its on the earth again.

 I know that you can find out answers to your questions when you pray and read.

 I know that eternal progression is possible with the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

 Have an amazing week everyone. 

Liebe Grüße 
Elder Brendon Williams

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