Jun 30, 2015


We hade a very busy week this last week. And then the new mission President is coming in tomorrow. It is going to be great. Also, I NEED to make clear that three of M´s family members are now on baptismal date and this entire week they didn't smoke one time. They followed the smoke program from the church and they were able to quit in 7 days just like that. That in and of itself is such a miracle and such a blessing to have seen. That the Lord really does carry our weaknesses when we allow him to and give him our lives. Alles vermag ich durch ihn der mir kraft gibt. I only know that scripture in German off the top of my head its in philliper 4:13. The gospel works miracles however we want it to in our lives when we JUST allow it. Also my new companion is elder Houghton from Potato state. IDAHO. woooo. haha. He is a cool guy and I am excited to work with him. He only has three transfers left on his mission. Anyways it was a good week and I had a good time.

 I was able to learn so much from much studies this last week. But what really stuck out to me was the fact that ALL of our negative thoughts and things that bring us down, come from the devil. Those aren't just weaknesses that our Heavenly Father give us. Because thoughts and feelings are things that WE can change for ourselves and also mostly come automatically but when we follow Christ and have faith on him, these negatives can be made positive and also into strengths. Satan doesn't want us to be happy and I know that he does all he can to make us feel miserable through our thoughts. But through our faith and through our actions to follow Christ, it allows us to be filled with the spirit. And that is where our Agency comes in to play. We are able to chose what kind of faith we want to have according to our actions that we give in our daily lives.  A happy life comes from agency. We are agents and not objects. And objects cant do anything for themselves. This entire thought process came through reading Moroni 7 and it ends with talking about charity. Charity is the most important attribute and one of the hardest to develop. But I know that through our faith on Christ and through our correct actions in our daily life that we can be so happy. I love the gospel more than anything and it only makes sense when we study it and live by the precepts given to us. I always love saying that the gospel is a never ending process of a slowly but surely progression. And that's when we will learn most of our patience in this life. I love the gospel. It just turns in circles and never stops having a positive effect on our lives.  Have a great week! :)

Liebe Grüße
Elder Williams

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