Jun 1, 2015

Wooorrkkkkinnnn itttttt uuuuppppp.


This last week was really amazing. We had great things happening and still going forward. I cant say that I have ever in my entire life seen such a turn around and step of faith from someone than the guy who we have been teaching lately. He has had a hard time excepting the gospel and not wanting to do most of the things we invited him to do. It came to a point where we just needed to go back to ground 0. We read in the BoM together and we listened to the talk from Jeffery R. Holland safety for the soul. After this appointment I can only say that its possible through the BoM and through prayer and the spirit that someone can come to a conclusion that he wants to turn his life 180 degrees and go in it with full force. I love the gospel and I am so grateful that I can see this change in peoples lives. Its something that we can all do though as members of the church. And it starts with things that are simple, mean most to us, and very important. Such as the BoM and prayer. Nobody can deny the power of God when they feel of his love. And we have it in us to progress without end. Not only can we do that for ourselves, but we can share this joy with others and see the change in them. 
D&C 18:10-18

 Something maybe that I would like to share from my study is a scripture that we probably all know but is really powerful. Its in 3 Nephi 13:21 and I want to talk about this because I know that we all have things that we treasure in our lives. Whether its the family, work, money, friends, sports, tv, just whatever it may be haha. We all have things that we really care about and its important that our priorities are in order. Because through our priorities we grow a stronger love for the things we do. And through this love brings desires and leads to action. Its also with the gospel. When the gospel is our treasure and the first priority even when we don't want it 100 percent and know how to start with it being our first priority, we will still feel something that is different in our lives that makes us happier. And our hearts will begin to grow a love for the things we do to come closer to Heavenly Father. That's exactly why missionaries at the end of their missions hate going home. At first they don't really know how to work so well and they don't really have the most motivation because they are still new and not sure with everything. BUT when the time comes to go home they are sad because they came so attached to something that makes them happy, feel safe, love and doing good. It grows to be our treasure and apart of our heart. And that's what the gospel does to us when we ONLY apply it. I'm so grateful for the scriptures, prayer, and church meetings. I know it starts with those three principles that will help us understand how this priority can become a light and a treasure to us in our lives. I love you all and hope you can continue to see how the gospel as a priority leads to happiness, joy and peace to overcome all trials and hardships. I mean why would we want joy right??? crazy question.... ;)

Love, Elder Williams

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