Jul 20, 2015


Familie und Freunde,

     I had an amazing week of course like always.... Its also a rule in the white hand book that I say that ;) hahhaa.. no it really was a good week though I promise. Anyway, I learned a few things along the way but a little run down of what I did... We had an amazing Serbian home evening. It was sooooo awesome. We had like 4 different families from Serbia in our church in Spandau. And the new convert here in Spandau from Serbia gave a lesson in Serbian. We will also be doing that this week again... It is helpful because most of the people cant speak good English or German. We then had a baptism... The boy has been an investigator for a really long time... Like 8 years.... And he finally decided to get baptized.. Noooo he was just an 8 year old member. :) Still a cool experience though. :) Ever opportunity to see a baptism should be taken. It really is one of the most spiritual experiences. And not just that.. The support and love we bring to other families in the ward just show them how much we care about them and helps us to become unified. Then we met with the girl and her mom that we met at the bus stop last Sunday. We took them to a members house for the lesson. And I can only say that it was one of the best lessons I have had on my mission. I have never felt the spirit guide me like he did than in that lesson. And it just turned out being great. They are such great people and it was fun helping them come to a better understanding of the gospel. :)
Its just funny because there is a talk that always comes back into my mind when I think of helping people here in Germany. "ask the missionaries, they can help you." haha. Anyway its fun and that's why we give two years because we know that others can use help to finding answers to their questions. :)

    PS... my banana bread is wicked. I have mastered it.

    Also what I learned from the BoM this last week is from Alma ch. 4. And what I learned is how important our tithing and fast offerings are. I know sometimes we don't understand maybe why in the world we would have to do that... But I know that it unifies us. As we read in the scriptures... Every time the people would grow strong and grow in wealth they became PROUD. They became needy for things of the world. And every single time we read about that there isn't peace or unity anymore. Everyone is for themselves. Imagine now how that could cause problems in our church today if we couldn't receive the blessings from heavenly father for paying tithing and fast offerings and for helping others who have nothing.. I really know that through that we are able to not only show our love for the Lord, but for those who don't have anything. Its a commandment of obedience. The Lord doesn't need money. But through our obedience to the commandments, it allows the Lord to bless our lives and the lives of others. The Lord has a plan. He knows how we can become one, and I know that through those two principles in the church we can be blessed and accomplish a goal that the entire world is struggling to solve. The Book of Mormon has answers to questions of the soul. We just need to seek them out and let the Lord guide us through his spirit. Have a good week. Love you ALL!

Love, Elder Brendon Williams

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