Jul 8, 2015


 Some cool things happened this week. One, I got my German drivers
license finally. haha. I have been trying for the past 6 months to get
this dang thing. But it is pretty awesome and everyone that I show
here that doesnt have one is super jealous because it costs about
2,500 euro to get their licenses here in germany. :) Good little chunk
of money... Thats why almost everyone here rides with train, bus, or

  Also, the 4th of july was just as fun for me as it was for you.
Because we have awesome members here. :) The Dessin family is amazing.
We do service every week at their..... yeah.... building thing.
hahaha. You wouldnt understand what it is even if I tried to explain
it. But we do service for them and then after we were done, they
surprised us with a water balloon fight. haha. And they after we had
REAL american cheeseburgers with an american flag in the room and also
with mt dew AND root beer. Couldnt have asked for anything better.
Maybe a few fire works.... But then at that point I would be to needy
haha and unthankful. But they are the best.

  Probably the best thing that happened to me this week from the
things I learned is how important it is to being humble. Even when we
try to do things in the gospel that are to hard or things that we
arent capable of in spiritual sense... We just need to realize that we
are nothing when we dont have Christ in our lives. And we will be
humbled when we try to do more than is in our own power to accomplish.
Christ fasted 40 days and nights in the dessert. But that doesnt mean
that we can do that too. He did set an example and we should do our
best to follow it. And once we have given all that we have to even
feel a little of what he went through, then we will start to make
progress. I on the other hand tried to much this last week. It has
been unbearably hot the last few days. 100 degrees but it is humid and
Air Conditioning does not exist here in Germany haha. They dont
believe in such things even though we are in the year 2015. Anyway, I
had a fast and I will just let you know, I almost died. haha. But not
really... It was so hard and I thought I felt exactly what Christ did
during his fast. I know I didnt, but I learned to do something hard. I
cant tell you how bad I wanted a drink after a day of service and then
playing SPORTS my favorite thing to do that Saturday night..   But I
pushed through it and it was eventually time to go to bed when I found
out that it wasnt possible because I literally felt dehydrated.
Anyway, I got a drink because I remembered the scripture where it says
before Christ can help us, we have to help ourselves. And I did it so
that I could get to bed. I was able to finish my fast after, but I
realized a huge lesson from this small experience I had... And maybe
there is more to learn from it... But I learned that I am nothing
mentally, spiritually, and physically without Christ in living a
humble life. Even though I tried to be like him, I still needed to
learn something about myself. If you want to learn about yourself I
promise the best way is to do it through the gospel. There isnt a more
challenging way of progression. This gospel brings challenges, but
none that we cant overcome. Be an agent and not an object and you will
be able to find the most joy in yourself that you could ever find
through this gospel. I love you all. Thanks for all you do. Have a
great week!

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