Aug 31, 2015


This last week went by really fast. We had an exchange with the Frankfurt (oder) elders. Its a little city on the border of Poland. I totally got to see Poland as well.. You wouldnt believe what I make missionaries do sometimes haha. We ran to the river that seperates the two countries for our morning sport and we got to watch the sunrise and watch people on the other side fish. It was just the most relaxing time ever. The apartment is only about a mile and a half away so it wasnt to bad of a run there and back. Great exchange though too! We found 4 people in 24 hours. Its a town of about 30,000 people I think, and usually thats not very easy to do haha. Of course its not our will, its the Lords, and he blessed Elder Allen and I in those 24 hours being together.

   We have an investigator here in Marzahn that has been investigating for about 10 years now. I am his 29th missionary. And... we decided to apply what we learned in our conference about a week and a half ago. We explained to him that we are his coaches and can see the playing field he is on. Sometimes as sport players we have habits that we dont recongnize. This example goes for all people in the world. Its not easy to notice our own mistakes. And we let him know that the missionaries have been trying to show him the way these last ten years. He just hasent excepted the direction from them. And we told him thats what kind of relationship we are expecting from him. Of course, the holy ghost is the teacher, but you have to know you are doing something wrong before you expect help from the Lord. Its all about humility and love in the gospel. And without those two attributes, we wouldnt be able to progress and let the Lord show us the way. Its the same with most sport players. If they are coach-able, they are going to be successful (when coached correctly). And to add to that.. The gospel is perfect and if you practice it right, its not hard to see a difference that it makes in our lives. It fact, the change can come really fast. ANYWAY... he ended up saying that he is on board and even wants to go visit the Freiburg temple on thursday. So we will be going with him and a member thats a friend of his. And the other amazing thing is he said that me and Elder Germann might be the last missionaries that are going to need to teach him. It was so amazing to be able to share my talent and hobbies with the experience that I have had, to go with a changing lesson in this mans life. 

  An amazing section of D&C is 121. It pretty much explains to us what it means to go through hard trials and experiences and overcoming them. Its not always easy feeling alone, or even stressed from work or family problems. Its not the easiest to just say "God thanks for these trials. I dont even know if you are there. But this is making me stronger inside." How many of us would do something so humbly? Or do we just ignore the situation and move forward like there isn't even a God there trying to help us? With our life on earth.. I cant even explain how many times I have gotten into trouble or even been reprimanded and thought that my life was going to end because I couldnt hang out or do something that I wanted to. But I had someone who knew better than I did. I had parents who knew that I needed to learn something. Think even now about someone who knows you better than you know yourself. Heavenly Father feels all we are going through and knows what we can handle. Joseph smith even as a Prophet felt alone and was torchured and beat and treated terribly by everyone. God knew though, that he was strong enough and that he would make it and learn something out of it. Of course what Joseph did was prayed. He was in prison wondering where God was to help him in such a situation. As I saw the patern of this big picture I realized that time is something that god can control. He told Joseph that his trials would only be but a small moment. Think about the attribute of patience that he learned from this experience. And think about the hardest time in your life that you may have had. Do you think that you have learned even other things out of those hard times? I would even say that God works with us even when we arent close to him because he wants us to grow. What I am trying to get at here, is that its not an accident that we have all had to go through hard times and trials. God shows us weaknesses and also strengthens us when we go through hard times. And when we go to him and give our lives to him through following the commandments and serving others, he will make these trials and burdens light. One other thing that was interesting was not having our focus on things of the world. I dont care how young or how old you are, thats a problem we all have. Whether thats playing on social media (electronics), or paying most of our attention to the news. If we have things in our lives that are of the world that are put before The Gospel and God, its going to be a lot harder to live a life without the feeling of mistake or dissapointment or even the feelings of forgiveness. "Many are called but few are chosen. And why are they not chosen? Because their hearts are set so much apon the things of this world." D&C 121:34,35 That applies to us all. Think this week about things that you do that are of the world. As you continue to see the small things that keep you away from understanding gods will for you, pray like Joseph did and ask for help. You will begin to see that you wont be left alone, that life becomes easier, and that you will be chosen to be helped through learning and hard experiences that sometimes cant be avoided in this life. He knows the best and I know that we can always recieve direction and help from our Heavenly Father who knows each and everyone of us the best. Its real. And its not just a myth. I love the gospel and the time to be on a mission to learn and to grow as well for myself. Have an amazing week errrybodyyy... 

Liebe Grüße
Elder Williams

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