Aug 24, 2015



   This last week was a little interesting. Just so you all know, I am on the other side of Berlin now. I am in Marzahn. I am serving with Elder German. (great name for where we are, i know). And we are doing great. A lot is going on in the program and he is a great missionary.

  Well, I am sorry I didn't get the chance to write last week. But I will share a little thought that I learned in a conference this last week with Elder Johnson. he is a seventy. And he used a really cool example (of course I love it) that shows us what we are capable of. He explained someone who wants to play basketball or football or any sport. They have the desire, and they want to become really good at it. But the entire time they just ask the trainer how they can become better. The trainer tries to explain that he needs to practice and work on a few techniques that the player is lacking. But the player doesn't want to actually practice, he just wants to see how its done. Noww.. this example was intended for investigators. A lot of people just want to KNOW about the church and not do anything themselves. Well, as we know in basketball or football it isnt that way. We need to take action to become better just as Michael Jordan did when he got cut from his high school team. He didnt just go watch nba after he got cut and hoped to become better. He PRACTICED. And practice does not make perfect, Perfect practice makes perfect. And that is something that is so important with the gospel. We need to make sure that our practice with the gospel isnt just half asked. If I go practice basketball and shoot it wrong every single time, I might develop a habit to really shoot that way. A huge part of this learning process is to be humble and teachable. Like it says in 2 Nephi 32 the spirit is the teacher and he will tell us ALL things that we should do. And its obvious, that we also need to be aware and in tune with the spirit, which means being worthy as well. Our worthiness comes from our desire to repent and  become better than we have previously been. Like the Lamanites in the book of mormon having the desire to bury their weapons. They trusted in the Lord more than in themselves. And its so important that we learn these steps of the gospel to make the progress that our heavenly father sees in us. I know that not everyone can become an nba star. But I do know with perfect practice and a heart filled desire to become better makes all the difference. Our goal is to progress in this life whether thats spiritually, intellectually, physically or any other "ALLY". And there is a difference between a sports player and a latter day saint. It doesnt matter how old you get as a person, you can still be a saint. You cant always be an nba all star. Im grateful for the gospel and that I can be here on a mission. Keep being the great people you are. I love you all!

Liebe Grüße,
Elder Brendon Williams

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