Sep 28, 2015



   Okay so I am super stoked. Its my last one here in Germany so I hope that I can watch the entire thing in German. I actually know I am... So yeah I am excited for that. I will read the talks afterwards in English. I had a great week this last week. We had some really cool experiences and its been great. A mission really does change a life. Its hard to see right in the moment and time.. But when you look back, you think uhhhhhh what happened to me??? Something cool I really thought you all would enjoy is something my companion told me. We were talking about what happens after the mission and why everyone says and complains that the spirit is much stronger with missionaries than in just normal members... But honestly that doesn't have to be the case. Missionaries work for that. The study and concentration that goes into our lives allows us to feel the spirit the way we do. Just because someone is a "missionary" doesn't mean they suddenly have the spirit more often with them. Heavenly Father will give to us what we give to him. When we work to receive, that's when we get answers. Faith without works is dead. And I have seen that when i WANT the spirit with me, I can do that when I work for it. God only works with us according to our faith. Which in the end is our works. And I know that after the mission I can be just as strong as I am now when I put forth the works. And so can any of you. That's the beauty of the gospel. :)

   We taught a school class this last week in English about the restoration and it was wonderful. They were all about 14 and 15. Most of them weren't raised in any kind of religion unless is what just a tradition to be a protestant or a catholic. They really enjoyed it and the lesson went really well actually. The kids were interested and the best part was seeing the teachers face. (she actually invited the missionaries to do this a month ago before we got here) She had no intention to see us again and after the lesson was over she told us that she would like us to visit her again at her home. One could see the spirit working with her and it was such a good feeling. 

   Any way those were a few thoughts I had to share this week. We are working hard and doing a lot of finding. We are also working out really hard when we have the time to do it. haha. But I have loved serving with Elder Spencer he is great. Thanks for your support and all you do. Keep working hard and pay good attention this week to the things that will be said. They are of eternal worth if we seek to understand, and then to apply. Love you all!

Liebe Grüße
Elder Brendon Williams

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