Sep 8, 2015

Dresden. Hello beautiful city. :)

Hello Familie und Freunde,

   So this last week we had the opportunity to go down to the temple in Freiberg and it was such an amazing experience that we had there. The Temple is being completely rebuilt and even though we could hardly see the outside of the temple, the angel Moroni was sticking out. And the lesson we had with the "temple square" sisters was amazing. I was able to come out of the church building and lesson (that was right next to the temple) with the feeling and trust and excitement that the house of the Lord really is on the earth. The prophet actually invited us to visit the temple more often in our lives and to see the blessings that come from it. And the amazing thing, is that I really saw the blessing not only for me, but for everyone who went and took apart of the trip. On the way back, we also visited the place in Radebeul where President Monson dedicated the land of Germany for the missionary work. It is such an amazing prayer if you all were wondering and wanted to read it! google it maybe ;)
It is a look off into the city Dresden where I served at the start of my mission. It is for sure one of the prettiest cities in the mission.

    I know that I don't have a lot to say in this weekly email. The work is going amazing and I have really been able to learn so much from reading the first 34 chapters of Alma in the last few weeks. I really noticed how the Lord works with us specifically through our prayers. I know that maybe most of the time it doesn't seem like its bringing much, but if we had a spiritual experience every single time we prayed, would it still be about faith? No... And that's why I am so grateful for the chance to gain faith through prayer. The prophets testify so strongly of the importance of prayer. Its the faith that allows heavenly father the give himself unto us. "God only shows himself unto men according to their faith". Its amazing because the scripture that describes the feelings of the spirit in Galatians is perfect. If we have a comfortable, peaceful, loving, or anything of good within us, it comes from our Heavenly Father. That was a testimony to me as me and Elder Germann going to contact a referral and a crowd of people were on the street and we didn't know why. A few people pointed in a direction and were yelling at us "the truth faith is that way!!!" We had no idea what they meant by that... hahah. As we came back though from contacting the referral we found that there was a massive parade going through that part of the city. I automatically had feelings of fear and the worst feeling that we needed to just leave or something bad would happen haha. There weren't the best/nicest people in the world there. And in that moment I knew that the spirit is real. We don't even notice it most of the time. And to be able to leave and go down to the underground train and finally feel at peace again was the best feeling ever. I know that prayer can be a spiritual experience if we make it one. I also know that the gift of the Holy Ghost is true and that we can work miracles among ourselves when we trust god with prayer, and ask humbly with a real intent for truth or whatever it may be. Have an amazing week everyone. Love yall.

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