Sep 14, 2015

Schwarzenberg (black mountain) new area translation

Well everyone I have been transferred. I am out of Berlin now after
6 great months. I was able to experience so many miracles and I loved
everyday here in this beautiful city. But now its time for a little
town that is being whitewashed haha. That means two new missionaries
to an area are meeting together and will try to build the program back
up. Its not the easiest but I am excited for what the Lord has in
store for me and Elder Spencer. I am so excited to work with him. He
is in my group and we sat next to each other in the Airplane on the
way here to Germany. I told him as we were flying that we would be
companions. And the entire mission every time we would see each other
we would joke around with it and say it but we weren't way serious
about it haha. Anyway, it ended up happening and we are excited to
work together. Its funny to see Heavenly Fathers sarcasm. Like what
are the chances...? I have 4 transfers left and he just went from
being a zone leader to not having a leadership position and we are
meeting together haha. It shows me that everything happens for a
reason and I am excited for our time.

   I don't have a lot of time to write this week but I do want to share

an amazing experience of the power of the spirit from this last week.
I know that being called as a missionary is very holy and one can
experience the help from the Lord extremely through the help of the
Lord through the Holy Ghost. Just as Nephi said how much powerful it
was when he would talk than his writing skills. And its really because
its through the spirit. Messages that we have can be carried to the
hearts of those that are willing to be open to the message. Anyway...
We have an investigator and she is amazing. She LOVES to learn and she
is a vacuum for information. She doesn't stop asking questions... And
the best part is she just accepts everything that we say and doesn't
argue it. She is awesome.. The only hard thing is that its impossible
for one to find out the truth of the gospel with ONLY information. So
the goal was to help her feel the spirit during the lesson. And that
had a lot to do with our part in teaching by the spirit and listening
to promptings. As we taught about the plan of God, she was just
wanting information and as I thought of a scripture that I heard a few
months ago I was able to find it and share it with her. And its in
Mosiah 4:9. We cant understand everything that god does. He is the only
one that knows whats going on and what his plan is for us, and it was
perfect for her. The member gave a powerful testimony after we read
that and then even SHE gave testimony saying how she has felt
something different in her life since she has started meeting with us.
I then was able to testify to her the truth of everything and it was
exactly what she needed. And it goes the same for us. If we listen to
the still small voice, we will be given something small that can
either make a big difference in our own lives or even massive
differences in the lives of others in times of need. I am grateful for
the gospel and I was so grateful to have that experience. GOD STILL
WORKS TODAY!! :)  Schöne Woche wünsche ich euch!

Liebe Grüße

Elder Brendon Williams

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