Sep 21, 2015

Weekly Email 9.21.15


   Hi loving family! So this last week we had a lot to do actually.. Mainly finding and working with members. Honestly... The area I am working in is so gorgeous. I mean its exactly how I pictured Germany coming into the mission. And I finally found the place haha :) But it will be a lot of fun. The accent is extremely different and the people are... kind of different I guess haha. Also here in Erzgebirge its the place where Christmas started and they go pretty crazy at Christmas so I hope I might be blessed to stay and see that haha. The city I am in is called Schwarzenberg and is a tiny city. But its still a good time and there are hills everywhere which I love. I now run like crazy during the week. Luckily My companion Elder Spencer is the best and loves running with me. We are also doing our 6 months to sexy... because that's important. :)

   My thought I would love to share today is just from the scriptures. Its another testimony builder how important they are for us in our lives. I have been picking random books to read in the book of Mormon. And Its cool to see that the book I choose is exactly what I need. I just recently finished a lot of Alma. And I moved on to Mosiah. And there its king Benjamin that gets his people together so that he could talk to them and warn them and help them before he would pass away. Not only did I learn of the things he said.. But I saw that Conference is almost the same exact thing. I can also see that preparation is so important. I would have just let the time pass. But its seriously in like two weeks haha. The time will go bye fast and before we know it, it will be over. I also looked on LDS.ORG and on the website there are a lot of things about how we can prepare to be taught and also LEARN and receive personal answers to our questions. King Benjamin said to the people before he started that they shouldn't "trifle" with his words. I thought to myself what he could have meant by that and I know if there isn't a good preparation that we wont get a lot out of it. It says in German that we cant just mess around with what is being said. I invite you to go and study and prepare yourself with questions you want answered. will also help you see of good ways to prepare. I love you all and I know this is so important. The words we will hear are the words of God and the things we need to hear to be truly happy in this life with stress and things of the world all around us. Have a great week. Until next week :)

Liebe Grüße,
Elder Brendon Williams

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