Oct 27, 2015

Hi Me Again!

Last week went well. I will be staying here in Schwarzenberg now
until December 8th at least. That means my birthday too. :) and
hopefully I will stay even one more for Christmas. I will be able to
see most of the decorations and everything because they start around
the first week of December. Elder Spencer is staying and that means we
are staying and keeping up with working out. 💪🏼 it's a blessing
though really.

We have seen some cool things happen with the work here in the last
few weeks. We've seen people come out and meet with us that haven't
met with the missionaries in a long time. We are also working with an
amazing Indian family (with the red dot). They have been through a lot
of trials in their lives but the gospel has kind of wrapped them up
and helped them feel more warmth and peace in their lives. We will be
meeting over Skype sometime soon with a man who speaks their language
and so we will be able to communicate everything a lot better!

I feel the smaller the area in the mission field, the more you learn
about yourself, and the gospel. When we shrink our surroundings and
capabilities, the more our focus can be on something. And it's the
same with social media, tv, games and things that don't help us
progress a whole lot as people. The more we spend our lives focused on
what's important such as the Gospel, family, job, school, the more we
feel the daily love of our savior because of the progression we are
making through that. I applied an invitation from elder Bednar in the
face to face video and I learned so much from it. 2 Nephi 4 is one of
my favorite chapters. I couldn't ever see though what Nephi problem
was. At the beginning of the chapter his father gives the children
blessings before he passes away. The thing is, Nephi got the greatest
one and he was always loved from his father. He was always the one
that made righteous choices and was an example in all he did. Nephi
felt prideful as he got that blessing and his brothers didn't. He then
explains how he had trusted in himself a lot more than he should have.
He accomplished amazing things in his life, but he felt as if he
didn't include the Lord enough with the things he accomplished. Maybe
that's something we all do though? I know I haven't given the Lord
credit for ALL that I am, and have accomplished. But he teaches us how
we can lean away from this kind of attitude. He teaches us to pray
humbly and trust in God and not ourselves. And because Nephi did that,
it helped him complete even another few tasks the Lord had for him in
the next chapter. I invite you to read them and see maybe for yourself
how those wonderful two chapters can help you grow a stronger love and
trust for the Lord. I love you all and I hope you have a fantastic

Love, Elder Brendon Williams

Oct 19, 2015

Week of "learning"

 My goodness I think I'm just going to say this week how wonderful
it is to be on a mission. Who would have thought that only a week or
even a few days could be so priceless to someone? There isn't another
way to describe my gratitude. And honestly explaining why is just as
hard. The mission is like a testimony. You can share experiences, but
you can't give them away. The mission is a giant puzzle honestly. And
the longer you are out, the more you realize all the pieces you have
left to complete it. But nobody can understand the steps and process
it took to complete a puzzle. It's the same with a testimony. It's
like elder Rasband said. "My testimony of Jesus Christ has been built
from many special experiences in which I have come to know His great
love for each one of us." And that is all it takes. Everyone can have
these experiences. The work I am doing is full time and the work you
are doing is part time. But honestly it's the same thing. Inviting
others to come to Christ and that includes ourselves. And through
that, gaining these "spiritual experiences" blesses us for a lifetime.

   If any of you haven't seen the face to face with elder and sister
Bednar I really encourage you to watch it. It was done for all the
youth, but honestly there were things that I learned and that I know
adults can learn because the principle that they teach applies to
everyone. To learn through the spirit. And the part that elder Bednar
answers a question "how do I develop the attitude of wanting to learn
both in secular and spiritual things?" And honestly, this applies to
everyone. Both those who have graduated long ago and those still in
school learning. The truth of the answer is based on the natural man.
The principle of the gospel is learning and growing but with God's
help. The same is to schooling or work even. It's to progress and
become better and in the gospel since, through the help of God. Now
the natural man gets comfortable with many things in life. Most of the
time we feel relaxed where we are at and we don't NEED to do much
more. "Well what's repentance?" Says elder Bednar. And it's so true.
How often do you and I feel like reading the scriptures today will
take up to much time we have other things to do? Or even praying? Any
principle of the gospel or even school work. "Anything that entice to
do good, comes from God." Overcoming the natural man so that we can
become BETTER. And as we repent we have the spirit to be with us. And
as we have the spirit to be with us, we have a cheat code in our tests
(; nah haha. But as we put the work in, the spirit will help use to
keep both spiritual and secular things in our remembrance.  Isn't it
great that we don't have to do it alone?
D&C 88:124 ask yourself how this verse can help you with learning more.

I love you all have a great week!

Liebe Grüße,
Elder Brendon Williams

Oct 12, 2015

Day by Day...

Honestly.. Every time I write one of these emails I never know what
I did. I try to live every week day for day. And I mean, it's not
always the easiest to do that because the days go by faster than Usain
bolt running past a Turtle. But I love it here. I really do. It's the
experience of a lifetime. I've learned so much in the mission field.
It's seems long from the beginning but honestly what doesn't? As we
start to learn something and get into it, it becomes easier and habits
begin to grow. It's piece for piece and step for step. We have 1 hour
of personal study everyday. And the amount we can learn just from a
hour a day, is incredible. It's the promise from the Lord in 2 Nephi
28:30. But a cool experience I had would have never happened, if I
were lazy the day before. I didn't have any motivation on one day last
week. The natural man kicked in and was saying "uhhhh why today" "just
chill bro" and I didn't just chill.. And honestly we didn't see a lot
of success. We gave out a card to a guy who would watch conference on
the Internet. And that was cool for sure, but in the moment it's like
"come on is that all ya got"? But really that was success in that
moment and time and he continued to bless me with things I couldn't
see or understand and it was the day after on Sunday. I had the most
spiritual day probably that I've had on my mission. It was a time of
deep learning and gratitude for me being here in this area. It's a
blessing that I am here in many ways... But it helped me see that one,
we can't do this work without the lords help. Two that the lord knows
us PERSONALLY and PERFECTLY. We can find that out too. It just takes
hope and diligence.

Watch the Mormon message "your potential, your privilege" and think
about something that you really hope for in your life. What is it you
want to achieve? Without hope to achieve this, it's not possible. Hope
is what motivates us to do it. And with diligence and hope together we
can accomplish everything that is in our power. And honestly as long
as it is in Gods eyes to be right, we can accomplish anything we want.
It may take time, and also patience.. But like the lord said, piece
for piece will be given unto us. And I really know that to be true. As
long as we look to the savior to help us with the decision we want to
make, he will help us in our paths for success.  And seeing ourselves
as the apostles said this last general conference "through the eyes of
a mother, or even a perfect loving Heavenly Father who only wants the
best for his children." See potential in yourself and trust God and be
full of hope and diligence and you will do all things through him that
gives us strength. Philippians 4:13 4:

Have a great week everyone love you!

Elder Williams

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Oct 5, 2015

Last conference in Germany.. Bitter sweet (;

Liebe Familie und Freunde,

  Oh my goodness. Wasn't conference sweet? Why should I even say much

we already heard it all haha. (:

  The week was FABULOUS! We didn't have the car and so we were all over

the place with the bikes haha. And let me tell ya.. It's not easy here
in Schwarzenberg with all the hills. It's a good workout though so I
enjoy it. The only downside is that it takes forever to get places. We
handed out a lot of invitations to conference because they play it in
the church here and we had TONS of people accept and none come haha.
We have a lot of people to visit again though. It shows me honestly
that invitations are almost all we can do. There isn't such thing as
commitments. The people commit themselves and then it's up to them
whether they come or not from our invitation. But like we've heard in
conference before, without following up, it's just as bad as not
inviting. (:

  My favorite talk was President Monson's and Elder Holland's. There

were many many many more that were wonderful but I think it's very
clear that women are a big life and light of the church and the world.
I am so grateful for the many wonderful mothers out there who do their
best and give all they can to their families and others. It truly is
the pure love of Christ like elder Holland said. Now, with that I
think if we put the two together we might be a little bit better, men.
(; follow commandments, follow examples of the love of women around us
in our lives. Not, "love" the women all around us. :p as long is it's
appropriate, then yes love them.. I know as well, as we see those
around us in our everyday lives as though we were looking through the
eyes of a mother or even better our Heavenly Father, it will help us
to let the light of Christ shine. I love all of you mothers out there
mostly You mom, and gma royal, great gma Rowland, Gayla, Abby, and Allie. They have
been such big examples of how one gives of themselves. Thank you for
being who you are.

  Also something that stood out to be was how much they talked about

faith and the spirit. Without those two critical ways of help in life,
the church couldn't run how it does. Neither could the work that we
all want to do. Sharing the gospel. Neither could the 3 new apostles
be called. I invite you to really keep taking those two topics and
studying them out how you personally can develop faith and how the
spirit can abide with you more in your life to guide you. Don't worry,
it's only the most important advice and wisdom you could ever receive.
It's from God. I love you and have a great week! Keep studying the
talks. They are on the Internet for a reason (:

Liebe Grüße,

Elder Brendon Williams

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