Oct 12, 2015

Day by Day...

Honestly.. Every time I write one of these emails I never know what
I did. I try to live every week day for day. And I mean, it's not
always the easiest to do that because the days go by faster than Usain
bolt running past a Turtle. But I love it here. I really do. It's the
experience of a lifetime. I've learned so much in the mission field.
It's seems long from the beginning but honestly what doesn't? As we
start to learn something and get into it, it becomes easier and habits
begin to grow. It's piece for piece and step for step. We have 1 hour
of personal study everyday. And the amount we can learn just from a
hour a day, is incredible. It's the promise from the Lord in 2 Nephi
28:30. But a cool experience I had would have never happened, if I
were lazy the day before. I didn't have any motivation on one day last
week. The natural man kicked in and was saying "uhhhh why today" "just
chill bro" and I didn't just chill.. And honestly we didn't see a lot
of success. We gave out a card to a guy who would watch conference on
the Internet. And that was cool for sure, but in the moment it's like
"come on is that all ya got"? But really that was success in that
moment and time and he continued to bless me with things I couldn't
see or understand and it was the day after on Sunday. I had the most
spiritual day probably that I've had on my mission. It was a time of
deep learning and gratitude for me being here in this area. It's a
blessing that I am here in many ways... But it helped me see that one,
we can't do this work without the lords help. Two that the lord knows
us PERSONALLY and PERFECTLY. We can find that out too. It just takes
hope and diligence.

Watch the Mormon message "your potential, your privilege" and think
about something that you really hope for in your life. What is it you
want to achieve? Without hope to achieve this, it's not possible. Hope
is what motivates us to do it. And with diligence and hope together we
can accomplish everything that is in our power. And honestly as long
as it is in Gods eyes to be right, we can accomplish anything we want.
It may take time, and also patience.. But like the lord said, piece
for piece will be given unto us. And I really know that to be true. As
long as we look to the savior to help us with the decision we want to
make, he will help us in our paths for success.  And seeing ourselves
as the apostles said this last general conference "through the eyes of
a mother, or even a perfect loving Heavenly Father who only wants the
best for his children." See potential in yourself and trust God and be
full of hope and diligence and you will do all things through him that
gives us strength. Philippians 4:13 4:

Have a great week everyone love you!

Elder Williams

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