Oct 27, 2015

Hi Me Again!

Last week went well. I will be staying here in Schwarzenberg now
until December 8th at least. That means my birthday too. :) and
hopefully I will stay even one more for Christmas. I will be able to
see most of the decorations and everything because they start around
the first week of December. Elder Spencer is staying and that means we
are staying and keeping up with working out. 💪🏼 it's a blessing
though really.

We have seen some cool things happen with the work here in the last
few weeks. We've seen people come out and meet with us that haven't
met with the missionaries in a long time. We are also working with an
amazing Indian family (with the red dot). They have been through a lot
of trials in their lives but the gospel has kind of wrapped them up
and helped them feel more warmth and peace in their lives. We will be
meeting over Skype sometime soon with a man who speaks their language
and so we will be able to communicate everything a lot better!

I feel the smaller the area in the mission field, the more you learn
about yourself, and the gospel. When we shrink our surroundings and
capabilities, the more our focus can be on something. And it's the
same with social media, tv, games and things that don't help us
progress a whole lot as people. The more we spend our lives focused on
what's important such as the Gospel, family, job, school, the more we
feel the daily love of our savior because of the progression we are
making through that. I applied an invitation from elder Bednar in the
face to face video and I learned so much from it. 2 Nephi 4 is one of
my favorite chapters. I couldn't ever see though what Nephi problem
was. At the beginning of the chapter his father gives the children
blessings before he passes away. The thing is, Nephi got the greatest
one and he was always loved from his father. He was always the one
that made righteous choices and was an example in all he did. Nephi
felt prideful as he got that blessing and his brothers didn't. He then
explains how he had trusted in himself a lot more than he should have.
He accomplished amazing things in his life, but he felt as if he
didn't include the Lord enough with the things he accomplished. Maybe
that's something we all do though? I know I haven't given the Lord
credit for ALL that I am, and have accomplished. But he teaches us how
we can lean away from this kind of attitude. He teaches us to pray
humbly and trust in God and not ourselves. And because Nephi did that,
it helped him complete even another few tasks the Lord had for him in
the next chapter. I invite you to read them and see maybe for yourself
how those wonderful two chapters can help you grow a stronger love and
trust for the Lord. I love you all and I hope you have a fantastic

Love, Elder Brendon Williams

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