Oct 5, 2015

Last conference in Germany.. Bitter sweet (;

Liebe Familie und Freunde,

  Oh my goodness. Wasn't conference sweet? Why should I even say much

we already heard it all haha. (:

  The week was FABULOUS! We didn't have the car and so we were all over

the place with the bikes haha. And let me tell ya.. It's not easy here
in Schwarzenberg with all the hills. It's a good workout though so I
enjoy it. The only downside is that it takes forever to get places. We
handed out a lot of invitations to conference because they play it in
the church here and we had TONS of people accept and none come haha.
We have a lot of people to visit again though. It shows me honestly
that invitations are almost all we can do. There isn't such thing as
commitments. The people commit themselves and then it's up to them
whether they come or not from our invitation. But like we've heard in
conference before, without following up, it's just as bad as not
inviting. (:

  My favorite talk was President Monson's and Elder Holland's. There

were many many many more that were wonderful but I think it's very
clear that women are a big life and light of the church and the world.
I am so grateful for the many wonderful mothers out there who do their
best and give all they can to their families and others. It truly is
the pure love of Christ like elder Holland said. Now, with that I
think if we put the two together we might be a little bit better, men.
(; follow commandments, follow examples of the love of women around us
in our lives. Not, "love" the women all around us. :p as long is it's
appropriate, then yes love them.. I know as well, as we see those
around us in our everyday lives as though we were looking through the
eyes of a mother or even better our Heavenly Father, it will help us
to let the light of Christ shine. I love all of you mothers out there
mostly You mom, and gma royal, great gma Rowland, Gayla, Abby, and Allie. They have
been such big examples of how one gives of themselves. Thank you for
being who you are.

  Also something that stood out to be was how much they talked about

faith and the spirit. Without those two critical ways of help in life,
the church couldn't run how it does. Neither could the work that we
all want to do. Sharing the gospel. Neither could the 3 new apostles
be called. I invite you to really keep taking those two topics and
studying them out how you personally can develop faith and how the
spirit can abide with you more in your life to guide you. Don't worry,
it's only the most important advice and wisdom you could ever receive.
It's from God. I love you and have a great week! Keep studying the
talks. They are on the Internet for a reason (:

Liebe Grüße,

Elder Brendon Williams

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