Oct 19, 2015

Week of "learning"

 My goodness I think I'm just going to say this week how wonderful
it is to be on a mission. Who would have thought that only a week or
even a few days could be so priceless to someone? There isn't another
way to describe my gratitude. And honestly explaining why is just as
hard. The mission is like a testimony. You can share experiences, but
you can't give them away. The mission is a giant puzzle honestly. And
the longer you are out, the more you realize all the pieces you have
left to complete it. But nobody can understand the steps and process
it took to complete a puzzle. It's the same with a testimony. It's
like elder Rasband said. "My testimony of Jesus Christ has been built
from many special experiences in which I have come to know His great
love for each one of us." And that is all it takes. Everyone can have
these experiences. The work I am doing is full time and the work you
are doing is part time. But honestly it's the same thing. Inviting
others to come to Christ and that includes ourselves. And through
that, gaining these "spiritual experiences" blesses us for a lifetime.

   If any of you haven't seen the face to face with elder and sister
Bednar I really encourage you to watch it. It was done for all the
youth, but honestly there were things that I learned and that I know
adults can learn because the principle that they teach applies to
everyone. To learn through the spirit. And the part that elder Bednar
answers a question "how do I develop the attitude of wanting to learn
both in secular and spiritual things?" And honestly, this applies to
everyone. Both those who have graduated long ago and those still in
school learning. The truth of the answer is based on the natural man.
The principle of the gospel is learning and growing but with God's
help. The same is to schooling or work even. It's to progress and
become better and in the gospel since, through the help of God. Now
the natural man gets comfortable with many things in life. Most of the
time we feel relaxed where we are at and we don't NEED to do much
more. "Well what's repentance?" Says elder Bednar. And it's so true.
How often do you and I feel like reading the scriptures today will
take up to much time we have other things to do? Or even praying? Any
principle of the gospel or even school work. "Anything that entice to
do good, comes from God." Overcoming the natural man so that we can
become BETTER. And as we repent we have the spirit to be with us. And
as we have the spirit to be with us, we have a cheat code in our tests
(; nah haha. But as we put the work in, the spirit will help use to
keep both spiritual and secular things in our remembrance.  Isn't it
great that we don't have to do it alone?
D&C 88:124 ask yourself how this verse can help you with learning more.

I love you all have a great week!

Liebe Grüße,
Elder Brendon Williams

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