Nov 23, 2015

100 Days....

Family and Friends,

The last week was amazing. Every week of the mission just passes on by
like its nothing and it scares me because I'm sitting here thinking I
only have 14 more haha. Today is my 100 day mark left. Weird right?
Time seriously goes by soooo fast being on a mission. I thought of
something pretty fascinating this last week. The ONLY time that time
itself goes by fast, is either when we are doing something we like
doing, or missionary work haha. Any other type of work doesn't work
that way. Now yes it can be stressful, but it still goes faster than
any other work. "Gods speed" we say. And that's really what it's felt
like for me. It's a different kind of speed that I never knew before.
So, see you soon (; haha jk.

Well this week is thanksgiving in America so I just want to send a
gratitude letter. I am grateful for the savior Jesus Christ, who
allowed me to not only be able to be with my family forever, but also
to allow myself to make changes that I never could have with my life
without him. I am grateful for all the many wonderful and amazing
people I have in my life who support me in what I'm doing. I'm
grateful for my parents who have helped me every single day of my life
and continue to do so whenever I need them. They work SOOOOO hard to
keep the family happy and in working function. They set the example
and expect more from us than what we see we are capable of. I am
grateful for siblings who I can pick on but they had a two year break
(; no just kidding.. I am grateful that they do their best and that
they love each other and stay strong even though life isn't always the
easiest for us and youth especially. They still move forward even when
their favorite big brother isn't home to be with them. (; I am
grateful for my companion who teaches me to be a better person through
his example, diligence, and love. I am grateful to have had this
privilege to serve a full time mission. I've come to understand the
importance of gods plan for us through dedicated study and diligence
in doing what he asks of me and everyone to do. I've never ever EVER
learned so much in my life. And I am trying to just give a little
piece of that back what God does for me everyday even. I am grateful
to know that Gods plan is for everyone. And it doesn't matter how old
or young we are, we can still find our way back to him. I am very
grateful for sports. (: and that God has blessed me to be talented
and use my talents to help others. I am grateful most of all to know
that my family an I can be together forever. It's the most peaceful
feeling to have. I know this life should be centered on families and
on single people. And what a better way to practice faith and love to
God than in an environment where love can abide and help each single
person to grow to reach full potential.

I loved the week like I said. Of course ups and downs are always
thrown in. All in all we saw some miracles from the Lord. The main
thing would probably be the science of 'A step of faith'. A few cool
thoughts from this simple sentence. I started my paper work for my
mission without knowing half of what I was getting myself into Haha.
I just DID it. Now, if I had thought about it to much and studied the
rules out and really saw what it was like to be a missionary without
actually doing it, I probably wouldn't have gone with the understanding I
had at that time. Sometimes we trust ourselves more than letting the
Holy Spirit work with us and tell us what to do and what not to do.
But he can't tell us, until we take that step of faith and try. And if
we don't take the step, we aren't showing our action out of our faith
in the first place. And just from this one simple step of faith
without fear and just DOING, it changed my life forever. Let God steer
our ship for us. (:We can relax and enjoy all the buffets that life
has to offer if we let him do his job through our faith.

Through this 'step of faith' we met with a member family and said a
prayer before we went finding. Well, the first door we knocked on
after that ended up being an elderly couple who let us in. (Which
getting let in is already a miracle.) and we shared the restoration of
the gospel of Jesus Christ and left a Book of Mormon with them. They
said they would read it and that we could meet again. It showed me
that God does the rest when we just take action in doing what we
believe in. Even if that belief is so small that we trick ourselves in
thinking "we don't believe". God can still work miracles from ground

Sorry it was so long. Love you all and have a great thanksgiving!!

Love, Elder Williams

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