Nov 2, 2015


Hello everyone I am not going to write a lot this week I am sorry.
It's hard to write every single week about everything that happens. I
just want to let you know we are seeing miracles in this area. And I
know the Lord is helping us. Even today we had a little miracle for
example.. We asked an older lady where a soccer field is so that we
can play football haha.. And she talked to us for like 20 minutes and
by the end of the conversation she gave us her number and wants to
hear about the church. I promise that never happens haha and it's the
fact that we asked this random lady in the middle of a park. Heavenly
Father lead us right to her. Two other great things happened. We met
with a family for the second time. The first time, we just went by
with members from America that only knew them for 6 weeks or so. And
these people just loved them! In their own words "it felt like we've
known them own entire life. I feel we are missing something since they
left" and it's the gospel and the spirit of course that they felt. We
are going back this week and they want us to keep coming over so we
will. (: it was so cool to see how the example and the light that
shines is so easy to see for those who aren't in the gospel. It's hard
for us to see sometimes, but it's there! Then the last thing we Skyped
with a man in the USA  who translated for the Indian family we are
teaching. It was so amazing! They understand so much better and it's
exactly what they need. They are a lot more excited about meeting now
and going to church activities and that's just from one time skyping

   I learned a lot this week though and I think an important lesson is
to just remember we are all missionaries in this church. We need to
believe in miracles and trust God is the same yesterday, today, and
forever. He will send us those who are ready, when we are ready to
open our mouth. The most comforting thing about the gospel is that we
can only convert to our own conversions. That means, only say things
you know to be true. Bare simple testimony and trust the Lord. Read
Mormon 9 when you have the chance. There are miracles throughout all
the scriptures but I think it's a good chapter to see that God is
always working miracles with his children. Remember Satan only has so
much power. Joseph smith history 1:15. He doesn't have power over
death or things that Christ and God do. He was able to hold Joseph's
tongue as he prayed and he can hold ours and scare us of opening our
mouths as well. A dead prophet is just as bad as a prophet who doesn't
or can't speak. It applies to us as well and I think a Latter Day
Saint or even missionaries are just as useless if we don't do our part
in the mission field.  I am going to try to apply this the best I can
the rest of my life. I know God will always put people on our path,
and the light we have in us can only be recognized through our acts of
kindness. Love you all and have a great week. Go get um! (;

Elder Williams

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