Nov 9, 2015


 So the lady and man I talked about last week... We met with them
again. And we didn't know how to dive into the "gospel conversation".
We didn't know if they wanted that or if they just wanted to stay
comfortable feeling how they did when we were around. The cool
thing.. is that we were in Dresden for a conference and we visited a
few of the popular churches there. The pictures that we took of the churches, we
shared with them. Well, the man started talking bout Christ and from
there we were just in he conversation with them. We did our best to
follow the spirit and it was amazing to feel the words just put into
our mouths as we were talking with them. They were really astounded by
the message we had for them. They want to read and study and find out
for themselves if it is true. It was the coolest lesson I've had
on my mission. It was a testimony that God leads prepared servants to
prepared people. It didn't even start with us. It started with a
member and the glow that they had in them.

   I have been learning so much on the mission lately. I've always
heard that the last 6 months are the best and also he fastest and it's
true. I don't think I ever doubted it. I think getting trunky is
also a must and also belongs to the entire experience haha. I have
just been trying to work hard, and do what the Lord wants me to do.
And as I have, I've noticed that repentance is something that is
real. Even when we didn't "break a commandment". The question in our
mind shouldn't be "did I break a commandment?", It should be, did I
do what the Lord expected me to do today? As we have this mindset
of "returning with honor" every single day to our bedside, we become
who our Heavenly Father sees us becoming. I say return with honor
because my dad always said that to me anytime I went ANYWHERE. Haha.
And it's something that has stuck with me to this day, and also
something we should all think about everyday. But repentance to me is
really trying to dig inside ourselves and ask ourselves the question
that the apostles did as Christ told them, "one of you will deny me".
Is it me? Not.. Why is he or she doing that? Look to yourself and go
to the scriptures every single day. Don't give up looking for things
that come directly from the mouth of Heavenly Father. Because in the
end, change in ourselves makes us the happiest. Peace, love, and joy
are all feelings everyone wants to experience. Even the people I just
talked about in the story above. "Knock and you shall find, ask and it
shall be given unto you." (: I hope that we can all see the change and
wonderful joy that comes through it as we don't let the things of the
world get us down. Have a great week everybody.

Liebe Grüße,
Elder Williams

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