Nov 16, 2015


Well I think we are spoiled as missionaries. That's the 6th
apostle I have seen on my mission. Elder Ballard came to the mission
yesterday in Berlin. We all met together and elder Christensen and
President Kearon from the area seventy were also there. It was so
amazing to have been taught by them.  I often think of the parable in
the bible of the 10 virgins and their lamp oil. Because there aren't
ways in the gospel to just give a testimony away to people. It needs
to be built on our own. And even most of the time spiritual
experiences in the gospel. The main teaching that elder Ballard taught
is that we need to become good teachers. Of course it's not easy in
some places of the world to teach to people that have certain beliefs
or ideas in their head and they are to comfortable with their lives.
And the apostles and prophet recognize these things. It was
interesting how he taught though. He was very funny and just a little
guy.. But he was powerful we he needed to be. He is 87 years old and
will be traveling in the next week to 5 different countries.. Tell me
that this is possible to someone of that age, if they weren't given
the strength from God to do so. He made an EXTRA trip just to the
mission. Some of my favorite quotes he said (because of the incident
happening in Paris two nights ago he said) "I don't know how you are
all getting home tonight. And I worry.. We all worry. I just know if
you don't get home safely, I will get in trouble for having this
meeting so late. There aren't many more in front of me to get mad at
me, but there still are a few left.. " haha. "We need to have fun
doing this work. Isn't it fun?? Especially on a really snowy or rainy
day.. Just look out the window and say, YAY! Today we get to go out
and get persecuted! And why do we do this? Because it's true..."  Of
course there was a lot that I could share. But my testimony of
prophets and apostles have grown from the one decision I made, and it
was to serve a mission. I've come to find such a joy in the gospel.
And we all can as we teach it in our families and to friends. But most
importantly above all, is to live it.

   With all the stress in the last few weeks about decisions made in
the church and handbook changes and everything happening I've also
wondered a lot and I've studied a little bit about why that's
happening. I haven't even really tried digging out answers for it. But
I can tell you in the chapters from Helaman 7-13 I've seen how
prophets work. They do as he lord asks and that's it. Why else would a
87 year old man take time to meet half way around the world with a
mission for no specific reason? Why else would he travel 5 countries
in the span of a week? There are answers that I found for myself in
those chapters to these subjects. I know that people are always going
to be confused if they don't trust and hope in the Lord. I noticed and
really saw this week that the only true thing we can hope for for our
entire lives, and never lose a hope for, is God. Everything else will
eventually go away. And if we know what true hope does for us, it
helps us to believe in something and to believe in something, normally
we act through our desires and wants in this belief. If we hope God is
the same yesterday, today, and forever then we know he calls prophets
to lead and guide us to HIM. And it brings hope to know that it will
never end. I know we are lead from men called of God and it's been a
blessing to feel that and learn that in the last week. I HOPE you are
studying and trying to learn more about our Heavenly Father and Jesus
Christ who are "gentlemen" as Ballard said to us. They are loving and
willing, but when they are not INVITED they don't just come. Keep
speaking with them and learning of them. It brings the most peace
anyone could have. D&C 19:23

Love you all!

Love, Elder Williams

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