Dec 28, 2015

9 Weeks....

  So pretty much I just talked to everyone like 3 days ago haha.. It
really was great to see your faces and talk again after 7 1/2 months.
I was thinking about everything i wanted to say and I forgot to say a
lot of things when we talked ha. It's how it goes though I guess when
the limited time is there.

    I really don't have that much to share about last week. We were
really well taken care of for Christmas and we had AMAZING meals.
Every meal there was two sides that Germans never leave out haha.
Unlimited red Cabbage and potatoes and then some kind of meat hahaha.
We had duck and bambie and turkey. It was good :) I will for sure
bring some of the traditions that I have learned here back home. I
really felt like the focus was on Jesus Christ the entire time. Not to
say it wasn't before... But the way the small little branch here came
together and had a meeting on Christmas Eve was the best. They also
eat an amazing meal at 18:00 (Punctual!) on Christmas Eve and read the
Christmas story from Lukas chapter 2 before eating. Then the amazing
part comes... The tradition here to go to church only during Christmas
is incredible. Ha. At 5:30pm Christmas morning most Protestant
church's do a nativity scene. And we went to it! Wow... It was the
best start to the Christmas Day. I seriously was sooo happy after
going to that. They had kids sing and most of the actors and actresses
were young adults.

   I just want to share a thought that I hope will help you all to
start off the new year. I know we always try to set goals and become
better, but there is one thing that we can always become better at...
And it's reading the scriptures, and APPLYING the teachings in our
life. The scriptures are our Liahona in the dark world. There are to
many Korihors or Sherems and King Noah, the news or pornography or
people around us who don't make us better or help us progress in the
gospel. Nephi brothers didn't even help him and without the Liahona do
you really think he would have made it where he landed? We are
surrounded day in and out with things that can slowly bring us down
without us even noticing it. The people that were convinced from
Sherem also stopped reading in the scriptures and the first thing that
helped them to get back on the right path was studying the scriptures.
They are teaching to help us see right from wrong as Moroni says in
Mormon 9:31. That's what helped not only singles out of this entire
group of people, but together they studied and found the peace and joy
that comes from God. I hope we can all study not only on our own, but
in our families so that we can see the greatness of God in our
personal and families just as these people did Jacob 7:23. Let it be
your LIAHONA instead of the voices of the world that don't help us as
much as a Heavenly Father can. Have a great new year! I love you all!

Love, Elder Williams
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Dec 21, 2015


Wooooooowwwww.... That snuck up on me hahahah. Seems like just
yesterday was warm and sunny and summer. And if any of you are
wondering I'm on the 10 week count down. So I'm excited to see you all
so soon!

This last week went really well. I know it's Christmas and I know I
should write something about it, but I'm going to write a really cool
thought with what I learned last week... So president Fingerle came
down and visited the branch here in Schwarzenberg. He talked about a
few things but what I really found great was when he talked about
missionary work of course. :) he talked about prophets and prophesies
coming true especially in our day and time. It's nothing new. I LOVED
how he talked about the second coming of our savior. So much peace and
love will be upon the earth when he comes again. We are in the time
where we feel and want the most peace in a world that is filled with
things that bring no happiness and things that distract us from
helping this prophecy of the second coming bring to pass. Think about
the media we have today. Many people are wasting hours upon hours
and letting something so small distract them from what's going on
around them? Hahaha. The key to happiness and peace is to do as Christ
did and that's to share the gospel. In order for the savior to come
again "all nations, kindreds, and tongues" will hear from the gospel.
Well, the Lord didn't give us social media to just sit around and
waste time. It's a tool to help this prophecy be fulfilled.  And that
Christmas film and things in the Internet can be shared with thousands
of people.

President Fingerle told a story of his daughter who is new in the
school because they are new in Berlin. And she didn't want to post a
video on Facebook because she thought it wouldn't do much. That same Sunday
 12 friends of her came to church and sat next to her. We don't
know 1 what kind of affect it will have on others and 2 how much it's
going to help the second coming and bring complete peace to a world
that is in desperate need of it.

I'm so grateful for the Savior and his life and that I can help for
this time to make this WONDERFUL message known to all those who I come
into contact with. His atonement can clean us, heal us, strengthen us,
and help us become like him. Who in the end, is the light and life of
the world. The true peace and joy that EVERY PERSON wants to
I love you all and Merry Christmas!!
Alma 7: 10-12

Love, Elder Williams

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Dec 14, 2015

One Week Away....

  Last week went bye faster than anything ever has haha. I feel like I just wrote everyone. But the week was amazing. We got to see President Fingerle on Thursday at our zone training meeting. Its always a thrill to hear from him. He is a spiritual giant I can tell you that much. I love learning from him and from other missionaries. The inspiration that is given to missionaries is real and its fun to feel how the spirit works through everyone.
   I also had a talk this last week and I will share with you what I was able to speak about. I talked about a story from the Bible in Mark 4:21-24 and it is a really really awesome part of the bible. I love when Christ teaches in Parables. It not always the easiest to see where he is going with things... But he sure had a meaning when he said.. "21 And he said unto them, 
Is a candle brought to be put under a bushel, or under a bed? and not to be set on a candlestick? 22 For there is 
nothing hid,which shall not be manifested; neither was any thing kept secret, but that it should come abroad.
23 If any man have ears to hear, let him hear. 
24 And he said unto them, Take heed what ye hear: with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you: and unto you that hear shall more be given." This time of year is a time of light and excitement and people can feel it. This light is noticed by most people anyway but many don't know what to do with it. Being an example in the gospel is one of the most important principles that there is. Leading with actions and not just with words. And letting our light shine for others that don't have it. I know the word "LIGHT" can be interpreted in many different ways.. whether that's Christ, The Spirit, the sun, light bulbs. Whatever we think about when we hear that word doesn't always direct our thoughts on the "knowledge" side of light. If I walk into a pitch black room and I didn't see what was in there... I wont have a knowledge of what I should be seeing or what is, in fact, in the room. D&C 88: 67 And if your eye be single to my glory, your whole bodies shall be filled with light, and there shall be no darkness in you; and that body which is filled with light comprehendeth all things.68 Therefore,sanctify yourselves that your minds become single to God, and the days will come that you shall see him;" Which is saying the more we look to God, the more knowledge we receive "to comprehendeth ALL things". We start to understand who he is and what his intentions with us are. We start to "see him" in our life more. And that light becomes brighter and brighter the more we practice repentance and look to him in our lives exactly as it says in the 24th verse. And as we receive this light and happiness in our lives... there is a promise given to us in 2 Nephi 32: 3&5. That we will be shown by the Holy Spirit ALL things that we should do. Doesn't that just make life easier??? With all the stress and frustration and trials and heart aches and disasters that happen in the world how much better could it be that we have a God who shows us all things what we should do. In Proverbs it says: 5 "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. 6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths." It takes trust walking into the dark room... But we can get light as we SEARCH and DISCOVER. I know the Lord loves us and wants us to be truly happy. And its not always the best sitting in a dark room not knowing what is going on around us and what there is to entertain us and help us be happy. I hope you all will be able to find some time to feel the light that comes into our lives as we give more and more attention to our Savior and God, especially in this Christmas season. This light is something we can give to others. Just listen to the Spirit and you will know who is in need of it most. (:

Love, Elder Williams

Dec 7, 2015

And he is safe.....

Sooooooo for all of you that are wondering... I am staying here in Schwarzenberg for the 3rd Transfer in a row with Elder Spencer. In that case, I am safe. I love working here in this area. It has been such a marvelous experience learning and growing. Ive learned a very important lesson being here. Honestly, sometimes not a lot happens in areas because there are things that we need to change and learn about ourselves. I have really learned some cool principles being here from that and I hope the Lord does continue to use me and Elder Spencer as tools in his hands for at least the next 6 weeks. ;)
Last week a lot of stuff happened... I turned 21 and that was a fun experience haha. There isn't a better experience than being able to serve others on a day that is focused on yourself most of the time. We were able to both pass out 42 cards on that day (21 each for my birthday) (; with the short time we had to go finding and it was so much fun talking with people about Christmas and the true meaning of it. The hearts are opened for many people.
The coolest thing I was able to see is what Christmas means to people who don't even believe in Christ or God. There is still a warm and contagious feeling that surrounds everyone during this time of year. I mean, yes, it can be stressful and frustrating if we cant get work off to see the family ;) Or other things that go on in our lives.. In spite all of that, there is always a warmth in our hearts and I know its because our hearts are open for Christmas and everything it has to bring. 3 Nephi 13:21 says to us that where our treasure is, there will our heart be also. And I know that the Spirit works with us when we have an open heart to learn and to follow the promptings that he gives us. As many spend time with their families, and follow principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that aren't normally followed at other times of the year, they feel this peace that comes from it. Without even knowing that this peace is from God. But because the spirit works with us and in us, and in our hearts, the open heart from Christmas and the following of simple gospel principles brings the most joy that we can have. I hope that as you all continue to put the family first in your life and also set the gospel side by side (especially to have a good start, in being Christmas Christs Birth) that you will always be able to see that we can feel this comfort in our lives and see what comes from living simple gospel principles. Have a great week everyone!

Liebe Grüße, Elder Williams