Dec 21, 2015


Wooooooowwwww.... That snuck up on me hahahah. Seems like just
yesterday was warm and sunny and summer. And if any of you are
wondering I'm on the 10 week count down. So I'm excited to see you all
so soon!

This last week went really well. I know it's Christmas and I know I
should write something about it, but I'm going to write a really cool
thought with what I learned last week... So president Fingerle came
down and visited the branch here in Schwarzenberg. He talked about a
few things but what I really found great was when he talked about
missionary work of course. :) he talked about prophets and prophesies
coming true especially in our day and time. It's nothing new. I LOVED
how he talked about the second coming of our savior. So much peace and
love will be upon the earth when he comes again. We are in the time
where we feel and want the most peace in a world that is filled with
things that bring no happiness and things that distract us from
helping this prophecy of the second coming bring to pass. Think about
the media we have today. Many people are wasting hours upon hours
and letting something so small distract them from what's going on
around them? Hahaha. The key to happiness and peace is to do as Christ
did and that's to share the gospel. In order for the savior to come
again "all nations, kindreds, and tongues" will hear from the gospel.
Well, the Lord didn't give us social media to just sit around and
waste time. It's a tool to help this prophecy be fulfilled.  And that
Christmas film and things in the Internet can be shared with thousands
of people.

President Fingerle told a story of his daughter who is new in the
school because they are new in Berlin. And she didn't want to post a
video on Facebook because she thought it wouldn't do much. That same Sunday
 12 friends of her came to church and sat next to her. We don't
know 1 what kind of affect it will have on others and 2 how much it's
going to help the second coming and bring complete peace to a world
that is in desperate need of it.

I'm so grateful for the Savior and his life and that I can help for
this time to make this WONDERFUL message known to all those who I come
into contact with. His atonement can clean us, heal us, strengthen us,
and help us become like him. Who in the end, is the light and life of
the world. The true peace and joy that EVERY PERSON wants to
I love you all and Merry Christmas!!
Alma 7: 10-12

Love, Elder Williams

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