Jan 19, 2016

Cottbus here I come. :)

Liebe Familie und freunde,

   Well... 6 weeks left and I'm heading to the city of Cottbus to die.
(It's where my first mission president lives) Gosh the time went
really fast here though and I loved it so much. Elder Spencer and I
really have become good friends and I'll miss him. We had so many
miracles especially in the last two weeks as we followed the teachings
we took out of the scriptures and the promptings we had.

   We had some dumb things happen to us hahah but it's okay it turned
out being the best for us. (: good learning experience.... Sooooo we
kinda got the down side of the trade when we found out that I had to
trade the car with other elders in a different area. The car they had
got spray painted on New Years night hahah. But the branch president
here owns a car shop and so we have to trade all the bad cars in and
out of the area. For that, we had to ride our bikes everywhere the
last few days and if you look at the pictures you can only imagine how
fun that had to have been for us haha (:
Especially with the hills here.

   Honestly there isn't a lot to share this week. I've still been
studying a lot in the bible and D&C. It is really a blessing to see
side by side all of the restored truths that a person never could have
thought of. But rather, have come through the hand of the Lord to
prophets and apostles whom he has worked through since the beginning
of time with Adam. I'm grateful for the truths and teachings of latter
day apostles and prophets. I listened to both of the talks by
president Monson from this last general conference and I'm not going
to lie, it felt like I was watching them for the first time again. We
are forgetful and need REPETITION. Because repetition brings
conviction. And conviction brings happiness to our souls. Live in
crescendo and give an ear and time to the teachings of the prophets
who reveal to us all the struggles and trials of our latter days, so
that we can do our best avoid them and live in happiness. Indeed, it
is a commandment to follow president Thomas S. Monson. Commandments
bring true and lasting joy when we follow them. I love you all!!

Liebe Grüße, Elder Williams

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