Jan 26, 2016

Great Week :)

Well, honestly it feels a little bit surreal knowing I have 5 weeks
left on the mission. Of course of course I am feeling a little bit of
trunkyness but it's not holding me back :) There is no better feeling
in the entire world knowing that the next person you talk to on the
street could be the next person you help to accept the most important
message anyone could ever receive. We had such a great experience last
week. We were able to have a conference as missionaries around the
entire world. It was sooooo amazing to be schooled by Apostles and men
who are called of God to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ in a simple
and deep way that all can understand and that all can feel the power
of the Holy Ghost that comes from their simple yet powerful
testimonies. They helped us to understand literally what the world
needs right now. And they helped us to be better teachers. It wouldn't
sound surprising if I said the world needs REPENTANCE does it? Sounds
like nothing new haha. But it's one of the most precious truths that
help us to come to get to know the savior and come closer to him.

   We talked with people about the gospel of Jesus Christ on the
street. It's seriously the simplest yet most complex subject anyone
could ever study and learn about. Its  the 5 most important steps to
return to God and have a true and lasting joy in our life here on the
earth. 1 faith in Jesus Christ 2 repentance 3 baptism 4 receiving the
Holy Ghost 5 enduring to the end. And so me and my companion decided
to change our approach and talk to everyone about baptism. I can't
even tell you how amazing that was... I don't think I have ever had so
many wonderful conversations on the street with people haha. They were
so open about it because the people here have some sort of connection
to baptism. Most are either Catholic or Protestant and they are
baptized as kids. We ask them, "what does baptism mean to you?" or
"why do you think people get baptized?" and nobody ever knows why. Its
a tradition that has been going on here for YEARS. And it gave us the
perfect opportunity to give our testimonies of Jesus Christ and his
atonement which allows us to leave all the mistakes we have ever made
behind us in the water and come up as a new person. I really am
grateful that I have learned how easy it can be to share the gospel.
There isn't ONE person on this entire planet that doesn't either want to
be LOVED or FORGIVEN. And that is exactly what the gospel of Jesus
Christ allows us to receive. Even being forgiven from someone you
truly love think about the feeling that you get... Now just imagine
that from our Heavenly Father. It truly is a blessing. I love you all
and hope that you can apply the principles of the gospel of Jesus
Christ in your lives. It will make you happier than you can describe
with words. Have a wonderful week!

Liebe Grüße, Elder Williams

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