Jan 13, 2016


 Dear Family,

Last week we had a really cool experience here in Schwarzenberg. We
have really been trying to concentrate on finding people. And there
was a verse that really caught my eyes last week in the bible. It says
that as Jesus was in his ministry he went every city and village. And
i knew we needed to apply that in our area as well. Every person in a
child of our Heavenly Father and needs to hear from his special plan
that he has for us all. So we went to a city called Stollberg where we
have never gone before. And in the first few hours not a lot happened.
But on our way home, we felt prompted to stop by houses that have
probably never been knocked on by missionaries. And as we followed the
spirit we found a good place to park. And as I asked 'elder Lyon'
which way we should go (I was on exchange with him) he thought behind
us where we parked was the best, and it was exactly what I felt...
Sooo we went there and we literally both just had like a fear that we
were being held back from knocking on these doors.. And the first door
the man let us in. He was on his lunch break and made us tee. Haha. It
was the weirdest thing ever. And to make a long story short.. We were
lead to this man and family of 5 just from the promoting that we had
from one single scripture and the example of Jesus Christ. It showed
me that without the word of God in couldn't be possible to overcome
obstacles in life that are in front of us. And I hope that you all
feel the same strength from the scriptures as you APPLY what you

Mosiah 1:3-5
And he also taught them concerning the records which were engraven on
the plates of brass, saying: My sons, I would that ye should remember
that were it not for these plates, which contain these records and
these commandments, we must have suffered in ignorance, even at this
present time, not knowing the mysteries of God.
4 For it were not possible that our father, Lehi, could have
remembered all these things, to have taught them to his children,
except it were for the help of these plates; for he having been taught
in the language of the Egyptians therefore he could read these
engravings, and teach them to his children, that thereby they could
teach them to their children, and so fulfilling the commandments of
God, even down to this present time.
5 I say unto you, my sons, were it not for these things, which have
been kept and preserved by the hand of God, that we might read and
understand of his mysteries, and have his commandments always before
our eyes, that even our fathers would have dwindled in unbelief, and
we should have been like unto our brethren, the Lamanites, who know
nothing concerning these things, or even do not believe them when they
are taught them, because of the traditions of their fathers, which are
not correct.

 The scriptures teach us correct principles to guide us in our lives
with whatever we may be doing. And I know it testifies strongly of the
importance of prophets and how they lead and guide us. I read the two
talks from President Monson yesterday and I could just feel peace in
my heart. I invite you ALL to study those two talks this week and find
one thing what you can do, to more perfectly follow the servant of the
Lord and the things he says. You will find great joy and peace in the
words from prophets back then, as well as the living that we have
today when you apply the things we are taught!! Have a great week love

Liebe Grüße, Elder Williams

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