Feb 8, 2016

3 Weeks

 Okay so I was in Berlin for the last time on my mission and it was
an amazing experience. The GBM (Great Baptizing Mission) has been such
a blessing to be apart of. I saw how the Lord doesn't give up on
blessing his servants as we don't give up on him. It's not always easy
to endure to the end.. But maybe that's why it's a big part of the
gospel. Because most people forget that enduring is something that
actually makes us better and more like our Heavenly Father. And in the
end, it leads us to be with him again. Now, it doesn't mean it's the
easiest because of course there is a side that doesn't want us to be
happy and experience the joy that our father in heaven gives to us and
has. We just need to work for it. Satan doesn't care about those that
aren't doing anything. He also doesn't worry about those who aren't
doing any good and following the gospel. He just focuses on those who
want to come to know the truth and the light which is Christ. So I've
had to fight it a little bit but as I have and done my part, I've seen
really cool miracles that have shown me that Heavenly Father is
watching over me and helping me to have the strength to endure.

 On Friday,  I had the privilege to go to Berlin and it was like I
was at home. (; haha I had planned that I would visit a few people in
an area that I loved serving in. As I made a few calls that morning
nobody really answered the phone. I assumed that they were at work or
didn't know who it was. There was a point during my study where I
thought to myself "just go right now and try to visit people". I
honestly didn't even think anything of this thought but I followed it.
So we left study about 20 minutes early and headed to the nearest
train station to head over to Spandau the city. As we were waiting for
a train a member called and said he had to work and that he was on his
way to work, so I just told him how grateful I was for him and hoped
to see him again. Suddenly he asked me "where are you"? So I told him
that I was in a certain train station and he said... "ME TOO!!!!"
Haha. With 4 million people and endless train stations how could it be
that we are there at he same time if the spirit haven't of worked with
both of us telling us to 'act'. He didn't know the number and I didn't
know why to leave study early.. But now I know because I followed the
small prompting.

    I have to go but thanks for everything you all do! Have a great
week! I'm excited to see you all so soon!

Love Elder Williams

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