Feb 2, 2016

4 Weeks to go....

Cottbus has been a good last stop. We talk to tons of students here
and it's really fun. A lot of them talk to us because they are a lot
more open and curious as to what we are doing! We are meeting with
about 2 students and one is from Russia. She is really cool and has
amazing English so we just talk in English :) we are also teaching a
few people from the Middle East. It was the coolest thing we got to
see this week... So an investigator from Syria is here for refugees
and he is such a great guy. He is one of my better friends I've met on
the mission. We can talk so openly about God and the gospel that we've
been able to help him put principles in his life to help govern
himself. He really doesn't like doing what other people say haha but
as we have taught him correct principles, he has applied them and he
has given up smoking and seen step for step progress as we've shown
love and helped him along the way. He is so much happier now too it's
such an amazing testimony builder. I think it was something Joseph
smith said once "teach them correct principles, and they will govern
themselves". Nobody can force anybody to do anything. And nobody likes
to be told they are doing something wrong. But as people follow simple
gospel principles, God helps to do the things he asks of him like
following commandments.

You know... With the little time left and constant chattering into the
ear of "your going home soon" I've been thinking a lot about what this
mission has meant to me. It's unbelievable how the Lord qualifies
those whom he calls. And it's been the biggest pleasure to see who
I've become through a calling that is much bigger and important than I
am. I have learned that even though I've changed in the time serving a
mission, I'm still not prefect. And I'm still not where I'd like to be
with my relationship with God, and my knowing of him. I love how I
don't have to be a retired Mormon RM after coming home and that I can
work my entire life long to help the work of the Lord go forward, and
also continue to better myself as I give of myself. What I want to say
out of this is... don't ever get comfortable with where you are. As
soon as we get comfortable with something our desire and intentions of
progressing decrease. I have been blessed to learn the language so
that I can talk with people and I can't just stop talking to people
now. I need to talk to MORE people. Use the talents you have and grow
on them. Work on the skills that you could better yourself in and I
promise that you will find joy in the gospel. It's a never ending loop
of success and joy. Nobody ever promised it would be easy, but it is
promised that it will be worth it if we give it our all to come to
Christ and KNOW him. Live in crescendo even as the great exemplar did
even Jesus Christ our savior.

I love the gospel.

Scripture to ponder. John 8:29-32

Love Elder Williams

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